It’s finally here! Previously, I hinted at it, but now it’s ready. This. Is. It.

This is also probably the most uncomfortable I’ve ever felt while writing a positive review.

So let’s address the elephant in the room right away.

First, I don’t give positive reviews unless I genuinely believe a plugin, theme, service or other item being reviewed is of good quality and truly helpful and valuable.

Second, there’s no way I can even pretend to be objective about this product. Because I helped create it. So here is my honest — but totally subjective — review of SBI! for WP.

And I really do believe it’s of good quality, and truly helpful and valuable.

Okay, now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s move on…

What is SBI! for WP?

SBI! for WP is brought to you by SiteSell, the company behind an all-in-one hosting, site building, business solution known as SBI!. It’s the best of SBI’s tools, adjusted for WordPress, and wrapped inside a WordPress plugin.

In other words, SBI! for WordPress.

So, it includes a plugin, but it’s much, much more than that.

A Little History

A couple years ago, SiteSell decided to get into the WordPress market. Their first foray wasn’t what you’d call a raging success.

About a year ago, they approached me to ask if I would do some writing for them. They really wanted someone with solid knowledge of WordPress and WordPress users.

I started producing content for them.

Then they asked me to join a team that was helping them with their onboarding process. (That’s the way they bring people along from prospects, to customers, to users of the service.)

Then they asked me to join a team to bring something insanely useful to WordPress users.

I did, and we came up with SBI! for WP.

Our team — Mike, Vinny, and I — has worked hard on this for the last six months. Mike’s a marketing and social media guy, Vinny’s our programmer, and you know me already.

We talked with a lot of people — probably with some of you reading this, in fact. We brainstormed ideas. We tried things. We tried different things. We iterated and changed and improved.

And the result is SBI! for WP.

So What Does it Do?

SBI! for WP helps you find customers, find topics, and find your business.

Yes, all of that.

When you first subscribe, you’re directed to a dashboard page that looks something like this.

image of SBI! for WP Dashboard

From there, you select what you want to do.

If you’re thinking about starting an online business, your first step is likely to find your niche. That’s really important, and everything else flows from there. If you already have a business, you can use the tools to refine your niche.

Click on the find your niche link, and you’re taken to a tool called Brainstorm It!

Here you can conduct extensive research into niches, keywords, and competition. This all happens on SiteSell’s servers.

When you install the SBI! for WP plugin into your WordPress site, it connects with all the research and data you’ve created.

So when you go to write or edit a Post or a Page, you’ll have that data on the screen in front of you. It’s called Keyword Insights.

Start typing the keyword or keyphrase for your article, and the plugin autocompletes it if it’s already part of your research — or you can add it on the fly to your repository of saved keywords known as your MKL, or Master Keyword List.

Keyword Insights shows you how much interest there is in that keyword, how much competition you have, and the potential it has to attract readers and business to your website.

Scroll down below the editing window, and you’ll see even more information about your chosen keyword, including information about your top competitors.

Here’s a YouTube demonstration of the Brainstorm It! tool, back when we were still working under the “code name” Athena Project. (As we received feedback from users, we changed some of the terminology, so don’t worry that this video includes some of the older terms.)

The bottom line is, Brainstorm It! and the plugin let you select and use keywords effectively and easily. That leads to more traffic on your site, better targeted traffic, and more business for you.

The Action Guide

Also included is the Action Guide. It’s a soup to nuts education on starting an infopreneur-type business. It leads you, step by step, through the process of determining what type of business you’ll have, what you must do to get it up and running, and how to maintain and earn from it.

Extensive Library

You’ll have an extensive reference library as well. Tips & Techniques includes articles about everything from business building to WordPress to social media. Monetization gets down and dirty with different ways to earn money from your website. It includes articles about subjects from advertising, to creating digital products, to working with physical products, and everything in between.

What’s it Cost?

Start with the 30-Day Free Trial. It’s free, and it gives you a chance for a thorough SBI! for WP review and test drive.

After that, you can enroll in a monthly or an annual subscription. Monthly is $17/month, and annual is $149.00 (a savings of $55.00 over the monthly cost).

Your subscription covers everything — the plugin, the Brainstorm It! tool, the Action Guide, and the ever-expanding article library.

Aren’t there Free Plugins that Can Do This?

Not really. For “free,” you can use the Google Adwords Planner, which gives you just a fraction of the data and isn’t available as a plugin.

The closest I know of is Scribe, [aff] from Copyblogger Media. At $97/month, it’s excellent. I’ve used it for years, fortunately being grandfathered in at a much lower price — but this one gives you lots more, for a lower fee. (Also, in the spirit of total honesty, I have to tell you that I canceled my Scribe subscription several weeks ago.)

Intrigued? Get your 30-Day Free Trial.