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Last week I made the point that WordPress plugins (the right ones) can make magic happen on your site.

Today I want to talk about some of the issues I see bloggers and online business owners really struggling with, and suggest a solution for those who use WordPress.

#1. What’s My Niche?

Everyone I talk with, and all the experts I read, agree that when you find the right business niche — one that’s not too broad, not too narrow, but, like Goldilocks’ porridge, is just right — amazing things happen.

After several years of writing anything for any business, a freelance copywriter decides to focus on something near and dear to her heart, the pet industry, and her business explodes…

A life coach zeroes in on providing coaching services for expats, and has to turn clients away…

An accounting firm creates a product for a specific type of small business, and sales go through the roof…

So how do you find your niche? Especially if you have a business already, but sales are lackluster, what do you do?

Finding an interesting, and profitable, niche may be the biggest dilemma that solopreneurs and small businesses face today.

#2. I Need to Publish Content, but What do I Write About?

Knowing what your audience wants / needs to learn is another big issue. If you’re not providing information people are looking for, they won’t visit your site or spend money with you.

#3. How do I Choose the Right Words?

Not only do you need to know the subjects to write about, you need to use the words that people are actually searching for, in order to attract them to your site.

#4. What about the Competition?

Do you need to know about other companies that offer what you offer? How do you find out about them? How much do you need to know about them?

#5. How do I Rank Well with Search Engines?

Without search traffic landing on your site, you miss a lot of opportunities to do business.

How do you attract the right traffic — the people who want what you offer and will do business with you?

That’s where the dreaded keyword research enters the picture. Although it shouldn’t be scary, a lot of small businesses are either terrified of it, or they’re using tactics that don’t work (or even work against them!).

And the Answer Is… (Drumroll, Please)…

A plugin.

A humble WordPress plugin.

Some of you know that I was approached last winter by a client I’d been writing for, to ask if I’d take on a larger role with the company.

They invited me to join a hand-picked, three-person team to develop something insanely useful for WordPress users. It was too interesting to turn down, and we’ve been working hard for the past few months.

My teammates are Mike Allton and Vinny Alves. Mike’s a marketing and social media guy, and Vinny’s a plugin developer.

We followed the principles of the Lean Startup, and have come up with a solution that’s pretty awesome if I do say so myself.

Introducing the Athena Project

We’re just about ready to launch, but if you’d like to try out this awesomeness before we release it to the world at large, this is your chance.

It’s called the Athena Project, and you can read our blog here.

Or request an invitation here.