image of Divi Theme

A First Look at Divi, Elegant Themes’ Flagship WordPress Theme

image of Divi Theme

Divi, Elegant Themes “flagship” WordPress theme, has become extremely popular since its release on December 11, 2013. Since then, Divi 2.0 has hit the interwebs, and WordPress sitebuilders are falling in love with its unique building-block style of page building.

Divi’s strength and uniqueness comes from the Page Builder. As the name implies, the Page Builder lets you create unique, custom pages.

Before we get into the Page Builder, though, let’s look at plain vanilla Divi. (Hint: It’s not plain at all!)

If you opt to use Divi without implementing the Page Builder, what do you get?

Mobile Responsive

Divi is completely mobile responsive. That means it will display beautifully in screen sizes from the smallest smart phone to an oversized monitor. And everything in between.

image showing responsive Divi theme

Unlimited Colors

Unlike themes that come with a handful of color scheme presets, Divi lets you customize colors to your heart’s content.

First, you have a choice of preset color schemes. These include:

  • Default
  • Pink
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Red
  • If you’re going to customize individual elements, they advise choosing the Default color scheme.

    Here’s what a blog page would look like using the Red scheme, for example.

    image of blog page using red color scheme

    The same page using Default is pretty bland.

    image of blog page using Default color scheme

    image of color customizer

    Using the Customizer, you can choose the colors for your:

    • Main font color
    • Link color
    • Background color
    • Accent color
    • Footer background color
    • Active menu link color
    • Menu links color
    • Primary navigation background
    • Secondary navigation background

    This can totally change the look of your page.

    Here I changed the primary navigation background and the menu links color, just to show you the difference.

    image of menu

    TIP: Need help learning to use the Color Customizer? Check out our YouTube video here.

    Multiple Header Options

    Divi makes it easy to set up your header in different ways. Here are three examples:

    image of Divi header options

    Custom Background Image

    As with many of today’s best WordPress themes, you can choose an image to serve as a custom background for your site. This is a wonderful feature for photography and fine arts sites, as well as travel or location-based sites. Real estate agents can also use custom background images very effectively.

    When you combine a custom background image with our next topic, the parallax effect, you can create a site that is truly unique.

    Parallax Effect

    “Parallax effect” refers to a special design feature. When you scroll, the background scrolls at a slower rate than what’s in front of it.

    Many site designers believe that the parallax design leads their readers to continue scrolling, and to read more of their content than they would on a more traditional site. That’s something you’ll need to test for yourself.

    Visit a live Divi theme demo here.