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An Easy Tool for a Better Author Homepage

Divi author layout packThe Divi theme from Elegant Themes is an extraordinarily flexible WordPress theme. (Here’s my review.)

You can use it to make any page, or any post, look exactly the way you want it to, without coding.

If you’re an author, you can now download a special layout pack that works with Divi to showcase your books.

According to the designer:

We recommend using this layout as a starting point and modifying your homepage until it’s in the same style as the book you’ve written. Represent the emotions, content, and experience of the book by integrating certain aspects of it in your design and structure.

This is not a theme. You still need the theme (in this case, Divi) while the layout pack provides pre-programmed areas for your homepage.  Follow the instructions on this page to download and install the layout pack.

Homepage Sections

The layout pack creates 7 homepage sections:

#1: Hero Section

The Hero section is a single row, divided into two columns. Use one to show off your book cover.

#2: Testimonials Section

This is another two-column section, so testimonials will show up side by side.

#3. About the Author Section

Use one side for your picture, and the other for book blurbs.

#4. Gallery Section

Show off a photo gallery of images from or about the book. You decide how many images to include, and whether to add a title and description to them.

#5. Extra Info Section

This gives you a spot to provide more information to encourage readers to buy your book.

#6. Contact Form Section

Add a contact form so readers can easily send you an email, and layer it over a background image from your book.

#7. Footer Section

Use it for contact information, social follow icons, and other useful information.

Take Advantage of Divi’s Versatility

Have you written more than one book (or do you plan to)?

Because Divi and this layout pack are so flexible, you can change your homepage to showcase each new book as it’s published. Easily change the colors and styles to reflect the character of each book.

And have I mentioned the Visual Builder? You can drag and drop to rearrange and restructure the page while you watch. Here’s more information on the Visual Builder. . .

Click here to see a demo of the Divi theme.

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