Choosing a Color Palette for your WordPress Site: It’s an Art and a Science

With all the wonderful WordPress themes out there, choosing a color palette for your site can be very simple — as simple as picking a theme that uses colors you love. “Color palette” refers to the combination of colors you consistently use on the site. Or, maybe not. Choosing colors for your website is both […]

How to Set Up a Website Hosting Account

WordPress Tutorial #2 Before you can build a website, you need to host it somewhere. Most new sites use a shared hosting account, which is the least expensive way to start. (Click here to see a discussion of the different types of hosting.) Setting up a shared hosting account is generally straightforward. Here are your step-by-step […]

How to Fix the Dreaded Connection Not Private Error on Your Website

If you see the dreaded connection not private error on your website, don’t panic. Chances are it’s something very simple and easy to fix.

What is Gutenberg (and why should I care)?

WordPress 4.9.8 includes the Gutenberg editor. Since Gutenberg will be part of WordPress in version 5.0, you need to get used to it. Here’s how to start.

WP Engine Acquires StudioPress – What Does it Mean for You?

What does the recent “WP Engine acquires StudioPress” announcement mean to you as a user of StudioPress themes, StudioPress sites, or WP Engine?

What Kind of WordPress Hosting is Best?

When you decide to start an online business or blog, you run smack up against hosting. What’s the best kind of WordPress hosting for your site? How much bandwidth, CPU space, etc., do you need? What sorts of services will help you the most? If you’re brand new to the WordPress platform, you may need […]

3 Ways Managed WordPress Hosting Will Save You Time

Managed WordPress hosting is a big improvement over shared hosting, and will save you time in 3 important areas. Right now, this company is offering my readers 4 free months when you start a new hosting account with them.

5 Tips on How to Make the Best of Your WordPress Tags

A messy blog isn’t fun for the reader or the writer. Learn to use WordPress tags properly to help keep your blog organized and easy to search.

You Need This Plugin Right Now to help with GDPR

It’s a European law, but no matter where you live in the world, you must comply with GDPR. This plugin will walk you through the steps and help you rest easy at night.

Help! This New Theme Messed Up My Site and Now I Want to Cry

A funny thing can happen when you change your WordPress theme. . . No, it doesn’t make you laugh, it’s more likely to make you cry. It’s funny weird, not funny ha-ha. Your sidebars, header, and/or footer get all messed up. Stuff is in all sorts of places it doesn’t belong. It’s pretty weird when […]