5 Easy Ways to Make Your Career More Portable with WordPress

Call it a portable career, a laptop lifestyle, or the digital nomad life, I’m glad I have the ability to work from anywhere with an internet connection. I have five adult children, and they’re scattered all over the US, from Seattle to LA to Boston and various points in between. About a week ago, one […]

10 of the Best Free and Premium Photography Themes for WordPress

Guest Post by Andrej Whether you are a professional wedding photographer or just a hobbyist photographer, having an online website with your portfolio can help you to attract some more new clients. If you have a photography website, people can view your photos and contact you through your website. If you don’t have skills to […]

3 Ways Siteground Makes Your Shared WordPress Hosting More Secure

As a website owner, you never want to find your site compromised by a security breach. Your hosting service has a lot to do with that. Security was one of the big reasons I moved my own shared hosting sites to Siteground [aff], and why I recommend them to you. And in the past few months, […]

What Kind of Website Do You REALLY Need?

What kind of website do you really need for your portable career? It depends. Are you a: Blogger? Freelancer? Solopreneur? Let’s start with the simplest first. Blogger As a blogger, your website design needs are simpler than what a more traditional business requires. At its most basic, you need only three page elements: Header Footer Content area […]

How to Improve Search Rankings with the Yoast SEO Plugin

Previously, we discussed SEO — what it is and what it (fortunately) is no longer. If you want Google and the other search engines to understand what your page is about, and what your keyword(s) is, your next steps are simple: Write the best-quality content you can, using natural language Make sure your article provides […]

Why This Type of Content is the New SEO

Every now and again, someone comes up with a brilliant analysis of why SEO is dead. I’m happy to report that the reports of SEO’s death are greatly exaggerated. Instead, it’s SEO’s sleazy cousin who’s passed away. That’s the kind of SEO that used to work — it doesn’t any longer. It involved stuffing a […]

Here are the 4 Powerful Plugins I Install on Every WordPress Site

How do you choose the right plugins for your WordPress site? I thought it would be helpful if I share the core plugins I install every time I install WordPress (and why I chose them). WP-DB Manager The first plugin I install is for backing up the site. There are loads of excellent choices for […]

How to Prepare Images for Your WordPress Site (it’s not hard!)

As browsers and internet connections speed up, images play a bigger part in websites — literally. Before you upload that juicy picture, though, take a few minutes to prepare your images. Size Matters Yes, it’s okay in 2017 to use images much larger than you could use effectively in 2010. That said, you still need […]

How to Start Hosting with StudioPress Sites – it’s remarkably easy!

Today I took some time to set up a hosting site with the new StudioPress Sites managed WordPress hosting. (I announced the rollout of this new hosting service here.) Not just another WordPress site is how they’re describing it, and they’re absolutely right. Note: This tutorial is for those who’ve decided to use StudioPress Sites […]

How to Easily Crush Hackers Harder with this Security Plugin

Part II of how to install and set up the All in One WP Security & Firewall plugin. Part I (beginner/basic instructions) is here – you should review it before moving on to this tutorial. Intermediate Settings If you have the expertise, there’s lots more you can do. I’ll go through the next set of security […]