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Can I Ask YOU some Questions?

picture of question marksSome of you may have noticed that I’m not adding new WordPress tips, hints and information to the site as often as I used to.

There’s a reason for that. . . and I’m happy to be able to tell you a little bit about it. (And yes, it is WordPress related.)

Late last summer, I agreed to work with a new client, writing about WordPress and web-related issues for them. A couple of months ago, they asked if I would change and expand my role with them. They’re interested in creating a product to ease the startup process for bloggers and entrepreneurs who use WordPress, and to help them as they build their businesses.

It sounded like a fun project, so I agreed — and that’s why I’m scarcer around here than I was.

I’m working closely with two other team members on the project, which we’ve named “Athena” for now. Teammate Mike Allton is a social media and marketing guy, and Vinny Alves is a developer who especially loves building plugins.

We’re approaching the project like a Lean Startup. In practical terms, that means that, before we actually build something, we talk to as many people as we can to find out if what we’re considering is something they really need.

If you’re on my email list, you’ve already seen a little bit about it. If not (why aren’t you on my email list anyway??), here’s your chance.

If you are planning to start, or have started an online business using WordPress, and you’d like to speak with one of us and provide input and information, just go to our Athena signup page and register. One of us will then contact you by email to set up a time to talk that’s convenient for you.

We really appreciate your help.

Yes, I want to find out more and help you out.

photo by Beatnik photos on flickr