How to Improve Search Rankings with the Yoast SEO Plugin

Previously, we discussed SEO — what it is and what it (fortunately) is no longer. If you want Google and the other search engines to understand what your page is about, and what your keyword(s) is, your next steps are simple: Write the best-quality content you can, using natural language Make sure your article provides […]

Why This Type of Content is the New SEO

Every now and again, someone comes up with a brilliant analysis of why SEO is dead. I’m happy to report that the reports of SEO’s death are greatly exaggerated. Instead, it’s SEO’s sleazy cousin who’s passed away. That’s the kind of SEO that used to work — it doesn’t any longer. It involved stuffing a […]

Here are the 4 Powerful Plugins I Install on Every WordPress Site

How do you choose the right plugins for your WordPress site? I thought it would be helpful if I share the core plugins I install every time I install WordPress (and why I chose them). WP-DB Manager The first plugin I install is for backing up the site. There are loads of excellent choices for […]

How to Prepare Images for Your WordPress Site (it’s not hard!)

As browsers and internet connections speed up, images play a bigger part in websites — literally. Before you upload that juicy picture, though, take a few minutes to prepare your images. Size Matters Yes, it’s okay in 2017 to use images much larger than you could use effectively in 2010. That said, you still need […]

How to Easily Crush Hackers with the All in One WP Security & Firewall Plugin

When setting up a WordPress site, pay attention to security. The All in One WP Security & Firewall plugin is an excellent choice. The last thing you want to see is a message from Google warning visitors that your site might harm them. That’s what happens, though, if your site becomes infected with malware. Even […]

How to Easily use the WordPress Color Customizer for the Look You Want

Many WordPress themes today give you options about what colors to use. Some are presets — predefined colors or color combinations that you select by clicking a link. Others, though, let you choose the exact color you want. The tool that makes it possible is the color customizer. To see just what sort of color choices your theme […]

When is it Important to Know these Two Geeky Hosting Details?

After the initial install of WordPress, I never used to pay much attention to what PHP version my host was running. Recently, though, I changed my ways. While doing some routine maintenance — backing everything up, upgrading plugins, and such like, I got a series of error messages, and even a white screen of death. (If you’ve […]

5 Reasons Even Solopreneurs Need Editorial Calendars

Editorial calendars. All the best publications use them. They help plan the work to be done, and keep the content and marketing departments on track. Guess what? Solopreneurs need editorial calendars, too. Just because you don’t have a team, don’t assume an editorial calendar isn’t for you. Here are just five of the many reasons […]

How to Back Up your WordPress Site the Right Way

You can’t rely on your hosting company or anyone else to bail you out if something happens to your site. You need to back up WordPress yourself, and store those backups offsite. Fortunately, backing up isn’t hard to do. A Complete WordPress Backup has Two Parts You need to back up two separate parts of […]

Don’t Screw Up the Code — How to Copy and Paste Text into WordPress

WordPress Tutorial #14 Word and WordPress have lots going on behind the scenes. If you like to write in Word, Page, Google Docs, or another word processor, there’s a right way to copy and paste text into WordPress. Note: This information is accurate for all versions of WordPress prior to 3.9. With 3.9, you can […]