Choosing a Color Palette for your WordPress Site: It’s an Art and a Science

With all the wonderful WordPress themes out there, choosing a color palette for your site can be very simple — as simple as picking a theme that uses colors you love. “Color palette” refers to the combination of colors you consistently use on the site. Or, maybe not. Choosing colors for your website is both […]

You Need This Plugin Right Now to help with GDPR

It’s a European law, but no matter where you live in the world, you must comply with GDPR. This plugin will walk you through the steps and help you rest easy at night.

10 of the Best Free and Premium Photography Themes for WordPress

Guest Post Whether you are a professional wedding photographer or just a hobbyist photographer, having an online website with your portfolio can help you to attract some more new clients. If you have a photography website, people can view your photos and contact you through your website. If you don’t have skills to create a […]

What Kind of Website Do You REALLY Need?

What kind of website do you really need for your portable career? It depends. Are you a: Blogger? Freelancer? Solopreneur? Let’s start with the simplest first. Blogger As a blogger, your website design needs are simpler than what a more traditional business requires. At its most basic, you need only three page elements: Header Footer Content area […]

How to Prepare Images for Your WordPress Site (it’s not hard!)

As browsers and internet connections speed up, images play a bigger part in websites — literally. Before you upload that juicy picture, though, take a few minutes to prepare your images. Size Matters Yes, it’s okay in 2017 to use images much larger than you could use effectively in 2010. That said, you still need […]

How to Easily use the WordPress Color Customizer for the Look You Want

Many WordPress themes today give you options about what colors to use. Some are presets — predefined colors or color combinations that you select by clicking a link. Others, though, let you choose the exact color you want. The tool that makes it possible is the color customizer. To see just what sort of color choices your theme […]

4 Easy Ways to Keep Visitors on Your Site

  Bob has a web-based business where he teaches beginners how to use WordPress. His site is jam-packed with useful information, tutorials, videos, and e-books. And Bob really knows his stuff! But his bounce rate on his homepage (that’s the number of people who hit the page and leave right away) is over 90%. That […]

How to Change WordPress Columns [Video Question #3]

This reader wanted to know, “how do I change from three columns to two in WordPress?” The answer is… well, watch the video to find out. (It’s only three minutes long.) Note: this is the 3rd in our “you ask, we answer in a video” series. Do you have a burning WordPress question? Send me […]

Website Design Trends for 2016

Website design trends change, just as fashions change in housing and clothing — remember bell bottoms and earth-tone shag carpets? Advances in technology drive some of the changing design trends, so we’ll talk about those first. Mobile Responsive If your site isn’t easy to use on a mobile device, Google now penalizes you in search […]

Should you Worry about Google’s new “Phantom” Update?

Have you been hearing about the Google Phantom update? Concerned that it’s going to be like Panda or Penguin and wipe out all your hard work? In May, 2015, webmasters began seeing some “phantom” changes in the way their pages ranked in search results. They started referring to this as Google’s phantom update. Some are […]