How to Impress Site Visitors (and Search Engines) in 3 Easy Steps

Siteground has been rolling out some behind-the-scenes improvements that will really help you attract and keep visitors. They come in the form of a humble plugin, called SG Optimizer. It’s free, and available for download from the WordPress repository. Note that you must be hosting on Siteground for it to work!! Don’t have a Siteground […]

How to Prepare Images for Your WordPress Site (it’s not hard!)

As browsers and internet connections speed up, images play a bigger part in websites — literally. Before you upload that juicy picture, though, take a few minutes to prepare your images. Size Matters Yes, it’s okay in 2017 to use images much larger than you could use effectively in 2010. That said, you still need […]

How to Easily Crush Hackers Harder with this Security Plugin

Part II of how to install and set up the All in One WP Security & Firewall plugin. Part I (beginner/basic instructions) is here – you should review it before moving on to this tutorial. Intermediate Settings If you have the expertise, there’s lots more you can do. I’ll go through the next set of security […]

How to Easily Crush Hackers with the All in One WP Security & Firewall Plugin

When setting up a WordPress site, pay attention to security. The All in One WP Security & Firewall plugin is an excellent choice. The last thing you want to see is a message from Google warning visitors that your site might harm them. That’s what happens, though, if your site becomes infected with malware. Even […]

How to Easily use the WordPress Color Customizer for the Look You Want

Many WordPress themes today give you options about what colors to use. Some are presets — predefined colors or color combinations that you select by clicking a link. Others, though, let you choose the exact color you want. The tool that makes it possible is the color customizer. To see just what sort of color choices your theme […]

The Wrong Homepage is Showing Up! [Video Question #4]

Recently a reader was concerned because the wrong page was showing up as the homepage on his WordPress site. He didn’t provide a lot of information, but this video explains the most likely problem. This is the 4th video in our “You Ask – I Answer (in a video) series. If you have a burning […]

How to Stick a Post to the Top of Your WordPress Blog

Ever wonder how some blogs have a post that seems to be glued in the first position? That “start here” message stays on top, where new visitors will always see it. It even has a name — it’s called a sticky post. It might look something like this. Why Would You Want a Sticky Post? There […]

How to Choose an E-Commerce Theme for WordPress [video]

Teri’s question is about choosing an e-commerce theme for WordPress. Enjoy! This is the first video in our new “You Ask, I Answer (on video!)” series. These are brief (3 minutes or shorter) videos. If you have a burning WordPress question, send an email and put “video question” in the subject line.

7 Things you Need to Know about WordPress Widgets

Widgets may just be the most misunderstood part of WordPress. They’re not plugins, though many of them are created by plugins. They do so many different things, they’re not easy to characterize. About the only generalization you can make about them is that widgets know their place, and stay there. Here are seven things all […]

Announcing a Sexy New Service — WordPress Video Q&A!

Got WordPress Questions? Do you have a burning WordPress question? Here’s your chance to get it answered in a short video. If you’re on my mailing list (and if you’re not, why aren’t you? You can sign up here), you’ve already seen this because you see the good stuff first… I’m calling it, You Ask, […]