How to Set Up a Website Hosting Account

WordPress Tutorial #2 Before you can build a website, you need to host it somewhere. Most new sites use a shared hosting account, which is the least expensive way to start. (Click here to see a discussion of the different types of hosting.) Setting up a shared hosting account is generally straightforward. Here are your step-by-step […]

What Kind of WordPress Hosting is Best?

When you decide to start an online business or blog, you run smack up against hosting. What’s the best kind of WordPress hosting for your site? How much bandwidth, CPU space, etc., do you need? What sorts of services will help you the most? If you’re brand new to the WordPress platform, you may need […]

Beware of Domain Name Registration Scams

Some companies will stop at nothing to separate you from your hard-earned money. A couple of days ago I received a piece of mail from IDNS (Internet Domain Name Services). Because I’ve been around the block a few times when it comes to domain name registration and renewal, I recognized it immediately as an attempt […]

Siteground: A Better Choice for WordPress Hosting

If you’re looking for fast, reliable and affordable WordPress hosting, the field is crowded with subpar offerings. I moved this site to managed hosting several years ago, but I have several other sites as well. Over the past three years, I’ve tried several different hosts, all with disappointing results. Then last month I decided to […]

How to Make WordPress Easier and Stronger: Introducing the Rainmaker Platform

WordPress Building Blocks is all about learning to use WordPress and make the most out of it. Naturally, when you’re using WordPress you also get involved with hosting. Then there are all the other tools and skillsets that go along with creating a website that attracts the audience you want. Things like: Choosing a theme […]

How to Register Your Domain Name with Namecheap

WordPress Tutorial #1 I recommend as a domain name registrar. Here I’ll step you through instructions for registering your domain with them. If you choose a different registrar, follow their instructions. They’ll need the same basic information as Namecheap, though, so you can organize what you need ahead of time. Here’s the screen you […]