How to Easily use the WordPress Color Customizer for the Look You Want

Many WordPress themes today give you options about what colors to use. Some are presets — predefined colors or color combinations that you select by clicking a link. Others, though, let you choose the exact color you want. The tool that makes it possible is the color customizer. To see just what sort of color choices your theme […]

The Wrong Homepage is Showing Up! [Video Question #4]

Recently a reader was concerned because the wrong page was showing up as the homepage on his WordPress site. He didn’t provide a lot of information, but this video explains the most likely problem. This is the 4th video in our “You Ask – I Answer (in a video) series. If you have a burning […]

How to Stick a Post to the Top of Your WordPress Blog

Ever wonder how some blogs have a post that seems to be glued in the first position? That “start here” message stays on top, where new visitors will always see it. It even has a name — it’s called a sticky post. It might look something like this. Why Would You Want a Sticky Post? There […]

How to Add a Favicon to Your WordPress Site

Ever wondered how some websites get that cute little icon attached to the browser tab? You know the one I mean. It’s called a favicon — on this site, it looks like this: It’s called a favicon. It used to be you had to jump through some hoops, either by modifying code or adding a […]

How to Add an External Blog to WordPress (and why it’s a Bad Idea)

Can you add an external blog to a WordPress site? Yes you can, and it’s easy to do. But there are lots of reason why it’s not a great idea.

How to Get More Traffic and Higher Search Ranking in 6 Easy Steps

Welcome to 2017! Want to get a higher search ranking for your site? Just as you periodically de-clutter your closets, clear old papers out of filing cabinets, and empty drawers of accumulated junk, it’s a good idea to clean out WordPress from time to time as well. The start of the New Year is a great […]

How to Make WordPress Easier and Stronger: Introducing the Rainmaker Platform

WordPress Building Blocks is all about learning to use WordPress and make the most out of it. Naturally, when you’re using WordPress you also get involved with hosting. Then there are all the other tools and skillsets that go along with creating a website that attracts the audience you want. Things like: Choosing a theme […]

How to Make your WordPress Site Mobile Responsive

As a website owner, you can’t ignore this segment of potential site visitors. I’m talking mobile. More than 30% of web views happen on phones or tablets instead of traditional computers, and that number is growing. On one of my websites, nearly 20% of visitors view the site on a phone, and another 14% on […]

Announcing WordPress 3.9 – Jazzed Up Image Handling and More

The WordPress 3.9 update makes it easier than ever to add, edit and preview media. Nicknamed “Smith,” after jazz musician Jimmy Smith, this latest version of WordPress lets you Drag images directly into your edit window Resize, crop, scale and rotate images on the fly See your image gallery in the edit screen Create an […]

Pages Menu: Sixth in our In-Depth Look at the WordPress Dashboard Series [Video]

So far in our WordPress Dashboard video series, we’ve looked at the WordPress Toolbar Dashboard Home Menu Posts Menu Media Menu In this video, we take an in-depth look at the Pages Menu. Pages are important to your site — that’s where you put your important, evergreen information. Usually pages are not time sensitive, and […]