WordPress Headings — How (and Why!) to Use Them

You know what WordPress headings are — they’re those blocks of type that get A Lot Bigger . . . or quite a bit smaller. . . Sure, you should use them to make the important things on your page stand out. But did you also know that Google and other search engines pay attention […]

How to Add a Blog Page to your WordPress Site

Adding a Blog page to your site is pretty straightforward, although there’s some variation from one theme to another. There are three areas you need to cover:

How to Update WordPress

WordPress Tutorial #13 Periodically WordPress releases an update. (So do your themes and plugins.) You’ll find out about it when you log into your WordPress dashboard. At the top of your screen you’ll see the message, WordPress [latest version] is available now. Let’s walk through the process of how to update WordPress. Do you update? […]

How to Add tags to a WordPress Post

WordPress Tutorial #13 WordPress gives you three ways to organize your site: Menus Categories Tags In Tutorial #10 you learned how to set up Custom Menus. Tutorial #11 showed you how to use Categories. Now we’re going to focus on the third item, Tags. What’s a WordPress Tag? A tag is a descriptive word or […]

How to Create and Use WordPress Categories

WordPress Tutorial #12 When you use WordPress Categories properly, you can help your site visitor find what he’s looking for quickly and easily. As an internet user, there’s nothing worse than going to a website and not finding what you want. And, as a site owner, there’s nothing worse than having potential customers leave because […]

How to Set Up Custom Menus in WordPress

WordPress Tutorial #11 WordPress Menus are your first tool for organizing your site. Your goal is to make it easy for readers to find what they’re looking for — ideally in one, two or three clicks. Any more than that and they’ll probably leave unsatisfied. Different themes give you different custom menu options. The simplest […]

WordPress Security: How to Switch to a Safer Username

Recently there’s been a lot of news about hackers attempting to get into WordPress websites. In this particular set of hacking attempts, the bad guys are going after sites where the username is Admin. Using Admin is like leaving your front door wide open, with a plate of cookies and a pitcher of milk set […]

How to Install a WordPress Theme

WordPress Tutorial #4 After you’ve registered a domain name, set up a hosting service and installed WordPress, your next step is to choose and install a WordPress theme. If you’re creating a business site, you’ll be working with a premium theme. (If you’re installing a free theme that’s available through WordPress.org, the process is a […]

How To Install WordPress

WordPress Tutorial #3 We’ve learned that WordPress is the foundation for our online website “house.” That’s great. Now how do we make it work? Just as you install Microsoft Word, or Photoshop or any other program on your computer, you’ll need to install WordPress in your hosting account. There are two ways to install WordPress. […]