How to Easily Decode What’s Included in a WordPress Theme

When choosing a WordPress theme, you always want to know what’s included in the package. Just like anything else… If you’re purchasing electronics, are all the cords, chargers and accessories included? Or do you have to buy some extras to get all the functionality? After all, nobody wants to have to run out to buy batteries […]

Elegant Themes Auto Updating is Here!

Great news! Elegant Themes announced today that you no longer have to jump through hoops to update your Elegant Themes WordPress theme. Forget everything I told you in this post. Now updating your theme is a much simpler process. Before beginning, always back up WordPress — database and files! — in case something goes wrong. […]

How Easy is it to Change from Three Columns to Two in WordPress?

Recently a reader emailed to ask me, “how hard is it to change from three columns to two columns?” The answer is, it’s simple — depending on your theme. Some themes offer only two columns, some offer three, some offer both. Some themes will offer options on the home page that aren’t available on the […]

Why Choosing a WordPress Theme Shouldn’t be Scary

Are you having a tough time choosing a theme for your WordPress website? Of all the questions, comments and requests for advice I see, the majority focus on choosing the perfect WordPress theme. In fact, some of you get really freaked out about it! You worry about a lot of things: Color scheme Layout How […]

How to Update an (Older) Elegant Themes WordPress Theme

Most theme designers make it easy to update from the WordPress dashboard. Since theme updates often go hand-in-hand with WordPress updates, it’s important to know how to get your updates done without problems or conflicts. For most themes, it’s as simple as clicking a link — after you’ve performed a full backup, as I described […]

How to Choose a WordPress Theme

When you choose the right WordPress theme, your site will be easy for readers and customers to use, and a pleasure to look at. Choosing the wrong theme can cause problems. So out of the thousands of free and paid WordPress themes available, how do you know which one to pick? Free vs Premium Themes […]

How to Install a WordPress Theme

WordPress Tutorial #4 After you’ve registered a domain name, set up a hosting service and installed WordPress, your next step is to choose and install a WordPress theme. If you’re creating a business site, you’ll be working with a premium theme. (If you’re installing a free theme that’s available through, the process is a […]