How to Impress Site Visitors (and Search Engines) in 3 Easy Steps

Siteground has been rolling out some behind-the-scenes improvements that will really help you attract and keep visitors. They come in the form of a humble plugin, called SG Optimizer. It’s free, and available for download from the WordPress repository. Note that you must be hosting on Siteground for it to work!! Don’t have a Siteground […]

5 Problems that Make You Tear Out Your Hair, and One Solution

Last week I made the point that WordPress plugins (the right ones) can make magic happen on your site. Today I want to talk about some of the issues I see bloggers and online business owners really struggling with, and suggest a solution for those who use WordPress. #1. What’s My Niche? Everyone I talk […]

How to Make your WordPress Site Do Something Magical

Your website magic begins with WordPress. Then the theme does a little abracadabra and dresses it up. Plugins, though, are where the real alohomora happens. Plugins extend the functionality of your WordPress site, making it do almost anything. Years ago, from 2001-2004, I ran an e-commerce site for a local retailer. We paid a developer […]

You Need to Fix This NOW or Pay the Google Penalty

Recently Google implement two important changes in the way it serves up search results. The first requires immediate action from you. The second isn’t quite so urgent. #1. Mobile Responsiveness now Required If you want your site found when someone searches for it on a smartphone, it must be mobile friendly. There are some misconceptions […]

How to Automatically Resize Thumbnails using the Regenerate Thumbnails WordPress Plugin

There’s a lightweight WordPress plugin that can make a big difference to your site’s appearance when you change your theme. It’s called Regenerate Thumbnails. What does it do, and why do you need it? Let’s back up a minute and talk about thumbnails Thumbnails are the images that ride alongside or above the post snippets […]

How to Make your WordPress Site Mobile Responsive

As a website owner, you can’t ignore this segment of potential site visitors. I’m talking mobile. More than 30% of web views happen on phones or tablets instead of traditional computers, and that number is growing. On one of my websites, nearly 20% of visitors view the site on a phone, and another 14% on […]

How to Create a Mobile Responsive Header for your WordPress Site

On a tablet or smartphone, the reader only sees a tiny bit of that glorious header you spent so much time creating. Make your header mobile responsive.

How to Choose the Right WordPress Plugin

A WordPress plugin is a wonderful tool. Plugins can add all sorts of functionality to your WordPress site, and they’re easy to install and manage. While you may not be able to avoid plugin conflicts completely, there are a few easy steps you can take to make sure the plugins you choose are solid. By […]

How to Install a WordPress Plugin

WordPress Tutorial #6 Installing a WordPress plugin is pretty straightforward. Let’s walk through it, using a plugin that every site will need anyway. Just as you need to save backups of your important documents on your home or office computer, you need to back up your WordPress site regularly as well. There are lots of […]