Help! This New Theme Messed Up My Site and Now I Want to Cry

A funny thing can happen when you change your WordPress theme. . . No, it doesn’t make you laugh, it’s more likely to make you cry. It’s funny weird, not funny ha-ha. Your sidebars, header, and/or footer get all messed up. Stuff is in all sorts of places it doesn’t belong. It’s pretty weird when […]

7 Things you Need to Know about WordPress Widgets

Widgets may just be the most misunderstood part of WordPress. They’re not plugins, though many of them are created by plugins. They do so many different things, they’re not easy to characterize. About the only generalization you can make about them is that widgets know their place, and stay there. Here are seven things all […]

The Best Way to Quickly and Easily Dress Up a WordPress Text Widget

Adding a widget to your WordPress site is easy. Once you’ve placed it though, you need to fill in fields or, if it’s a text widget, add content. If you’re comfortable with HTML, you can simply start typing. but what if you’re not? Fortunately, there’s a quick and easy workaround. #1. Open Your Text Widget […]

How to Add a WordPress Widget

WordPress Tutorial #7 Installing widgets is actually much easier than explaining how to do it. (If you’re not sure what a WordPress widget is, check out this explanation, then come back here for the how-to.) #1. Click on Appearance/Widgets From your WordPress Dashboard, scroll down the left-hand menu and click Appearance, then Widget. On the […]