How to Prepare Images for Your WordPress Site (it’s not hard!)

As browsers and internet connections speed up, images play a bigger part in websites — literally. Before you upload that juicy picture, though, take a few minutes to prepare your images. Size Matters Yes, it’s okay in 2017 to use images much larger than you could use effectively in 2010. That said, you still need […]

5 Reasons Even Solopreneurs Need Editorial Calendars

Editorial calendars. All the best publications use them. They help plan the work to be done, and keep the content and marketing departments on track. Guess what? Solopreneurs need editorial calendars, too. Just because you don’t have a team, don’t assume an editorial calendar isn’t for you. Here are just five of the many reasons […]

How to Fascinate your Readers with Interesting Headlines

I admit it. I totally suck at writing headlines. I see these intriguing headlines all over the Web, and I wonder, “how does she come up with these clever, enticing headlines?” I’ve read zillions of articles about writing better headlines. I’ve downloaded e-books about writing better headlines, and I’ve studied tutorials. I’ve done worksheets. I’ve […]

How to Schedule a WordPress Post (and Free Up Your Time!)

It’s easy to schedule a WordPress post. This means, you can write your posts ahead of time. It makes planning easier, and you can use your time more efficiently. If you’re traveling, you can schedule posts to go live at a predetermined time, even if you’re nowhere near a computer or an internet connection at […]

How to Create Links TO your WordPress Site

As you grow your WordPress website, you’ll spend time driving traffic to your site. This is part of your SEO (search engine optimization), and you’ll do a lot of in on social media. Because you’re sending traffic to your WordPress site, these links are known as inbound links. There’s a right way and a wrong […]

How to Add a YouTube Video to your WordPress Post

Sooner or later you’ll want to feature a video on your WordPress site. Fortunately, adding video is almost as simple as adding a link. Oh, sure, you can add fancy plugins to display videos, and some themes have their own add-ons. Out of the box, WordPress lets you do it easily without any fancy hoops […]

How to Add Links in WordPress

Tutorial #15 Sooner or later, you’re going to want to add links to other websites, or even another page in your own site. Fortunately, adding links in a WordPress site is pretty straightforward. Understand the Two Types of Links There are text links and there are image links. A text link changes a word or […]

How to Add an Audio File to WordPress

Tutorial #14 WordPress has made it incredibly easy to add audio (and video) to your website — especially when just a few short years ago you pretty much had to jump through hoops to offer sound and moving pictures to your site visitors. What Is an Audio File? An audio file can be music, or […]

How to Add an Image to your WordPress Post

WordPress Tutorial #10 WordPress makes it very easy to add an image to your site’s posts and pages. I’ll walk you through it using a post as an example. #1. Place your cursor where you want the image to go in the post. #2. Click the Add Media button. We’ll assume you want to add […]

Don’t Screw Up the Code — How to Copy and Paste Text into WordPress

WordPress Tutorial #14 Word and WordPress have lots going on behind the scenes. If you like to write in Word, Page, Google Docs, or another word processor, there’s a right way to copy and paste text into WordPress. Note: This information is accurate for all versions of WordPress prior to 3.9. With 3.9, you can […]