8 of the Best WordPress Themes for Solopreneurs and Freelancers

How do solopreneurs and freelancers choose the best WordPress themes for their businesses? Of course, it depends on the type of business, but there are some things that most freelancers and solopreneurs want. A good solopreneur/freelancer theme should: Be easy to set up Showcase the owner’s personality Look up-to-date Be appropriate for the type of […]

WordPress Theme Styles: How to Easily Pick the Right One

When picking out a WordPress theme, it’s important to choose a theme that will showcase your business. Just as there are different styles of houses — colonial, A-frame (remember those?), ranch, bungalow, etc. — there are different WordPress theme styles that are suitable for different types of businesses. Knowing which theme style will work well […]

How to Improve Your WordPress Site and Save Time with a Theme Framework

Some theme designers, like StudioPress [aff], use a two-tier strategy for theme development. Tier one is a theme framework. It’s where they put most of the functionality. Tier two is the child theme. That’s where the embellishments go. From the designer’s point of view, there are lots of advantages to building themes in this way. […]

How to Choose the Best WordPress Theme Designers (and Why It’s Important!)

With all the hundreds of WordPress theme designers out there, and thousands of themes, how do you choose? What should you look for in a WordPress theme? This was a question I asked myself when I started this website, not only because I needed a theme for the site I planned to build, but also because […]

How to Add a Favicon to Your WordPress Site

Ever wondered how some websites get that cute little icon attached to the browser tab? You know the one I mean. It’s called a favicon — on this site, it looks like this: It’s called a favicon. It used to be you had to jump through some hoops, either by modifying code or adding a […]

5 Reasons Even Solopreneurs Need Editorial Calendars

Editorial calendars. All the best publications use them. They help plan the work to be done, and keep the content and marketing departments on track. Guess what? Solopreneurs need editorial calendars, too. Just because you don’t have a team, don’t assume an editorial calendar isn’t for you. Here are just five of the many reasons […]

How to Add an External Blog to WordPress (and why it’s a Bad Idea)

Can you add an external blog to a WordPress site? Yes you can, and it’s easy to do. But there are lots of reason why it’s not a great idea.

Siteground: A Better Choice for WordPress Hosting

If you’re looking for fast, reliable and affordable WordPress hosting, the field is crowded with subpar offerings. I moved this site to managed hosting several years ago, but I have several other sites as well. Over the past three years, I’ve tried several different hosts, all with disappointing results. Then last month I decided to […]

What Kind of WordPress Hosting is Best?

When you decide to start an online business or blog, you run smack up against hosting. What’s the best kind of WordPress hosting for your site? How much bandwidth, CPU space, etc., do you need? What sorts of services will help you the most? If you’re brand new to the WordPress platform, you may need […]

5 Problems that Make You Tear Out Your Hair, and One Solution

Last week I made the point that WordPress plugins (the right ones) can make magic happen on your site. Today I want to talk about some of the issues I see bloggers and online business owners really struggling with, and suggest a solution for those who use WordPress. #1. What’s My Niche? Everyone I talk […]