11 Ways Elegant Themes Gives You So Much More in Extra

The Extra theme is a magazine-style WordPress theme from Elegant Themes. What’s a magazine-style theme? It’s a theme with a complex page layout. Where blogs generally use a simple layout featuring one main column for content with a sidebar, a magazine theme includes multiple content areas — and not just on the front page. Instead, […]

Smart Passive Income Pro Theme Helps You Focus on what Really Matters

StudioPress has partnered with Pat Flynn to create the Smart Passive Income Pro [aff] WordPress theme. It’s designed to help you focus on the three elements that made Pat so successful — design, content, and strategy. (If you’re not familiar with Pat, he’s a monumentally successful blogger who runs a site called Smart Passive Income, where he refers […]

Are You an Author? Here’s a Powerful WordPress Theme for You

Author Pro is a specialty theme designed to help authors showcase and market their books. It works with the Author Pro plugin*, also from StudioPress. In fact, the plugin is so integral to the theme that the company recommends you install the plugin first, before you install the theme! Layout The theme is clean and […]

How to Save Time and Get Better Results with New Divi Visual Builder

Normally a WordPress theme update is a ho-hum affair. A few behind-the-scenes tweaks, maybe a new feature or two… yawn. That’s not the case with Elegant Themes’ release of Divi 3.0. Divi 3.0 includes a number of small changes, but there’s one addition that really stands out. It’s called the Visual Editor, and it makes […]

Wellness Pro Theme: An Easy Prescription for a Healthier WordPress Site

I admit it, I’ve recently fallen in love. With a WordPress theme. It’s the new Wellness Pro theme [aff] from StudioPress. Naturally, it has all the features you’d expect in a StudioPress theme. It’s: Well coded Versatile Terrific typography Mobile responsive Secure I could go on and on. It’s a gorgeous theme, and you can use it for […]

Divi 3.0 is Here, and it’s Practically Magic

Divi 3.0 is here. If you’re not a WordPress nerd, that may not mean a lot to you. But to some of us, those four little words bring a thrill and a level of excitement not usually found with an announcement about a WordPress theme update. A Little Background. . . Divi is a theme […]

5 Big Problems, 1 Solution. Here’s My SBI! for WP Review

It’s finally here! Previously, I hinted at it, but now it’s ready. This. Is. It. This is also probably the most uncomfortable I’ve ever felt while writing a positive review. So let’s address the elephant in the room right away. First, I don’t give positive reviews unless I genuinely believe a plugin, theme, service or […]

Rainmaker vs. WordPress? Which is Right for You?

At its heart, the Rainmaker Platform [aff] is WordPress. So what makes it different from everyday, run-of-the-mill self-hosted WordPress, and which version of WordPress will work better for you and your business? One big difference is that Rainmaker states clearly that it’s for “building your online marketing and sales platform.” So, is Rainmaker your best […]

Modern Studio Pro Theme – Classy and Responsive

StudioPress has just published an attractive, new, minimal-ish, responsive WordPress theme, called Modern Studio Pro. While not minimalist, exactly, it’s lean and clean. Here’s how the designer describes the new theme: “Modern Studio draws eyes exactly where we want them — then doesn’t distract them. “For designers, highlighting imagery is the most important function a […]