How to Set Up a Website Hosting Account

WordPress Tutorial #2 Before you can build a website, you need to host it somewhere. Most new sites use a shared hosting account, which is the least expensive way to start. (Click here to see a discussion of the different types of hosting.) Setting up a shared hosting account is generally straightforward. Here are your step-by-step […]

WP Engine Acquires StudioPress – What Does it Mean for You?

What does the recent “WP Engine acquires StudioPress” announcement mean to you as a user of StudioPress themes, StudioPress sites, or WP Engine?

An Easy Tool for a Better Author Homepage

The Divi theme from Elegant Themes is an extraordinarily flexible WordPress theme. (Here’s my review.) You can use it to make any page, or any post, look exactly the way you want it to, without coding. If you’re an author, you can now download a special layout pack that works with Divi to showcase your […]

How to Improve Search Rankings with the Yoast SEO Plugin

Previously, we discussed SEO — what it is and what it (fortunately) is no longer. If you want Google and the other search engines to understand what your page is about, and what your keyword(s) is, your next steps are simple: Write the best-quality content you can, using natural language Make sure your article provides […]

How to Stick a Post to the Top of Your WordPress Blog

Ever wonder how some blogs have a post that seems to be glued in the first position? That “start here” message stays on top, where new visitors will always see it. It even has a name — it’s called a sticky post. It might look something like this. Why Would You Want a Sticky Post? There […]

Smart Passive Income Pro Theme Helps You Focus on what Really Matters

StudioPress has partnered with Pat Flynn to create the Smart Passive Income Pro [aff] WordPress theme. It’s designed to help you focus on the three elements that made Pat so successful — design, content, and strategy. (If you’re not familiar with Pat, he’s a monumentally successful blogger who runs a site called Smart Passive Income, where he refers […]

Are You an Author? Here’s a Powerful WordPress Theme for You

Author Pro is a specialty theme designed to help authors showcase and market their books. It works with the Author Pro plugin*, also from StudioPress. In fact, the plugin is so integral to the theme that the company recommends you install the plugin first, before you install the theme! Layout The theme is clean and […]

How to Choose an E-Commerce Theme for WordPress [video]

Teri’s question is about choosing an e-commerce theme for WordPress. Enjoy! This is the first video in our new “You Ask, I Answer (on video!)” series. These are brief (3 minutes or shorter) videos. If you have a burning WordPress question, send an email and put “video question” in the subject line.

Divi 3.0 is Here, and it’s Practically Magic

Divi 3.0 is here. If you’re not a WordPress nerd, that may not mean a lot to you. But to some of us, those four little words bring a thrill and a level of excitement not usually found with an announcement about a WordPress theme update. A Little Background. . . Divi is a theme […]

Changing WordPress Hosting is a Pain – How to Take the Sting Out

A while back, I moved all my shared WordPress hosting sites to Siteground. (You can read the review here.) I made the move after extensive research, because I was thoroughly fed up with my previous host, Bluehost. Like so many others, they started out as a good company, then deteriorated rapidly after EIG sucked Bluehost […]