What is Gutenberg (and why should I care)?

WordPress 4.9.8 includes the Gutenberg editor. Since Gutenberg will be part of WordPress in version 5.0, you need to get used to it. Here’s how to start.

7 Big Changes that Make WordPress 4.9 Better

WordPress 4.9 (named “Tipton” after jazz musician/band leader Billy Tipton) is rolling out, and it includes some exciting new improvements. WordPress 4.9 Customizer Improvements The improvement I’m most looking forward to is the ability to save draft changes in the Customizer. What does this mean? According to WordPress: “Just like you can draft and revise posts […]

WordPress 4.8.1 Is Here with New and Improved Widgets

WordPress recently released the version 4.8.1 maintenance update. As is usual for these small, incremental updates, there’s a lot of little stuff going on behind the scenes. This time, there are a couple of important changes to widgets that you should be aware of. Our Friend the Text Widget The text widget previously has been […]

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Career More Portable with WordPress

Call it a portable career, a laptop lifestyle, or the digital nomad life, I’m glad I have the ability to work from anywhere with an internet connection. I have five adult children, and they’re scattered all over the US, from Seattle to LA to Boston and various points in between. About a week ago, one […]

Upgrade to WordPress 4.7 for a Smoother Experience

  WordPress 4.7 is available, and it offers features to gladden the hearts of both developers and users. Named after jazz singer Sarah Vaughn, the new features aim to make building your WordPress site smoother and more intuitive. They’ve coupled the release with the new free theme, TwentySeventeen (shown above), which offers an elegant, parallax-scrolling […]

How to Improve Your WordPress Site and Save Time with a Theme Framework

Some theme designers, like StudioPress [aff], use a two-tier strategy for theme development. Tier one is a theme framework. It’s where they put most of the functionality. Tier two is the child theme. That’s where the embellishments go. From the designer’s point of view, there are lots of advantages to building themes in this way. […]

No More Panama Papers: How to Improve WordPress Security with Regular Updates

By this time I’m sure everyone in the world has heard about the The Panama Papers. Now, evidence has come to light that a set of WordPress security problems likely enabled the leak. Here’s what we know. In late 2013, the popular WordPress plugin Slider Revolution was found to have two serious security vulnerabilities. The […]

WordPress 4.5 is About to Launch: Here are the Highlights

WordPress 4.5 is scheduled for release on April 12. As is true of most development projects, WordPress releases “major” changes using a new whole number. (The next major update will be WordPress 5.0.) They designate planned, incremental changes with the first number following the decimal point, in this case 4.5. Bug fixes and security updates […]

Introducing WordPress 4.3 — Let’s have a Round of Applause for Billie!

WordPress 4.3 has just walked on stage. Named after the great jazz/blues singer Billie Holiday, WordPress 4.3 has some great new features, and one big gotcha!. First, the bad news. If your site uses old plugins, Billie might cause problems. Do not upgrade to WordPress 4.3 until you’ve checked this out. Here’s the deal: If […]

WordPress 4.2, “Powell” is Here

WordPress loves to name its new releases after great jazz musicians, and this one honors pianist Bud Powell. It adds new features to make it easier to add content, and supports more characters. That makes foreign languages look better on the screen, and gives you access to Emoji on WordPress. 🙂 (Did you see what […]