a big surprise from Elegant Themes

Surprise! Elegant Themes Takes Down All But 2 Themes

In a stealth move, Elegant Themes has wiped out all their WordPress theme offerings — more than 80 of them!

There was no announcement (at least, none that I saw!), no fanfare, and nothing to tip me off. Until I visited their site today to check that one of my older reviews was up to date.

Here’s what I found, after digging into their site (and it was hard to find!):

The following products are still available for download, however, they will soon to be retired. We do not recommend using these legacy products. Instead, we encourage you to use one of our modern themes, such as Divi and Extra. These themes are available for free with your membership and offer many advantages that our legacy products lack.

So if you’re using an Elegant Themes theme I’ve recommended in the past, like Chameleon, Explorable, or Lucid, it’s time to update.

If you want to stick with Elegant Themes and you’re not sure whether to replace your current theme with Divi or with Extra (the only two currently available), check out my reviews of both.

If you’d like help with this decision, or with the actual theme change, let me know.

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