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5 Methods to Embed Videos in Your WordPress Website (Video Creation Tips Included)

Guest Post by Joshua Reeves

Are you a blogger, or do you have a YouTube channel? Do you want to promote your YouTube videos by adding them to your WordPress website? We can help!

Video embedding to the WordPress website is an uncomplicated process with a lot of benefits. It:

  • Increases the engagement and visiting time of the audience
  • Makes your website interactive
  • Has a significant impact on the site’s SEO optimization
  • Improves the user experience

When your content includes video, readers will get more interested and discover different ways to engage with it. Moreover, your blogs will attract users who prefer watching videos rather than reading the text.

You can also add a part of your video by trimming the video using video trimmer tool.

In this article, we’ll cover different methods that you can use to embed videos on your WordPress website, specifically YouTube videos.

Before we get started learning the methods to embed videos, let’s first understand some of the top tips for creating a professional-looking video.

Video Creation Tips

  • Choose the genre and the idea for your videos
  • Create top-notch content to record your videos
  • Use the right gadgets to record videos
  • Record the videos in proper lighting
  • Do the video editing using reliable tool
  • Discard the unnecessary part of the video, using a video trimmer

How to trim a video easily

Video trimming is an essential step in the process of video making and uploading on the internet. Sometimes you’ll find, after you’ve recorded your video, that there are certain parts you want to remove. You can accomplish this easily using a video trimmer.

Follow these steps to trim the unnecessary part of your video:

  1. Open the video that you want to edit.

  2. Click on the video trimming option – often designated by scissors – to begin trimming.

  3. A blue area will appear below the video with two pointers at the start and end.

  4. Change the pointer’s position to select the part of the video you want to keep.

  5. Save the changes. The part of the video between the pointers will get saved, erasing the rest

trim your video before you embed it in your WordPress site

5 Common Methods to Embed Videos in WordPress Website

Once you are ready with your video-making process or have already uploaded one to YouTube, it is time to embed your video to your WordPress website. We will walk you through the different methods to do so with detailed steps:

If the video is stored locally on your computer

  1. Open the WordPress post or page
  2. Select the Video block from the Media blocks option and upload your video
  3. You can also use stock video images and insert your recently added media files. You can also add alt text for Search Engine Optimization.

If the video is already on YouTube

  1. Open YouTube and copy the URL where your video is present in YouTube
  2. Open the WordPress page or post
  3. Select the YouTube Block from the Embed blocks option, and paste the YouTube URL to embed the video in your post.
embed videos in your WordPress site from YouTube

If the video is on YouTube, using classic editor

Use this method if you like WordPress Classic Editor (which you should be moving away from as they don’t plan to support it much longer. Time to get familiar with Gutenberg, folks! But if you’re still a die-hard Classic Editor user, here are the steps to help you out with this process.)

  1. Copy the embed code of the video you wish to embed in WordPress
  2. Open the Classic Editor and click on the Text tab in the upper right corner
  3. Paste the code that you noted in Step 1
  4. See the changes by clicking the visual tab

Using iFrame

This method permits you to customize your video on the post or page as per your choice. It’s for more advanced WordPress users. The beginning steps are the same, whether you’re using Gutenberg or the Classic Editor.

  1. Open your YouTube video and click on the Share button, available above the Subscribe button
  2. Click Embed
  3. Iframe Code and a few option boxes. Use the first box to embed the video starting at a specific time. You can play and pause the video to adjust the time as per your requirements.
  4. Other boxes allow you to add player control, such as volume, fast forward, play/pause.
  5. Copy the Iframe code
  6. Gutenberg: You’ll need to use a plugin like Simple iFrame. Select it from the Embeds collection of blocks and follow the prompts.
  7. Classic editor: Switch from Visual to Text Editor and enter the code you previously copied.
embed videos in your WordPress site using a plugin

Embed a video in a widget

You can embed videos into your sidebar, footer, or other areas of your site using widgets.

  1. To see your available widget choices (they will vary, depending on your theme and plugins), navigate to Appearance / Widgets in your Dashboard.
  2. Select the area where you want to place the video, then click the + button. Add the video block just as you would within your content area, depending on whether your video is saved on your website or is uploaded to YouTube.

Optional Plugins to Display Your Videos

As always, be cautious about adding plugins as they can slow down your site. If video is a big part of your content, consider these:

Smash Balloon YouTube Feed: Automatically embeds all the videos on your YouTube channel.
YouTube Subscribe Bar: It fetches the count of the subscribers on your YouTube channel and adds as social proof to encourage more users.
Lazy Load for Videos: It loads the video image only on the page load without affecting the speed and the performance.


It is very easy to embed video in the WordPress website. You can do so by following any of the methods described above. The main difficulty is making the videos. Today, videos have taken over the internet. They are created for events, ads, demos, social media, promotions, and much more.

Video production may seem a challenging task, but using the perfect idea, notch-higher content, and a reliable video editing tool lets you create an excellent video to upload on social media.

It is also necessary to remove the unnecessary parts from the video, which can be trimmed using any trimming tool. Promotion is also an essential part of video making.

Embedding video on your WordPress website is also the right option to promote your channel, products, or any services you offer. Use the methods we’ve shared in to embed your video and run promotions.

Joshua Reeves

Joshua Reeves

Marketing Manager, InVideo

InVideo is a video creation platform with 1 million users in 190+ countries. 

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