Beginning in August, 2013, I’ll be offering something new here — a chance for you to get your WordPress questions answered in real time!

Free Live Q&A in Google Hangouts

Google HangoutsPeriodically, I’ll set up a time when I’ll be available on Google Hangouts.

During the Hangout you’ll be able to ask questions about WordPress in general, or your site in particular. One of the advantages of the Hangouts platform is that you can share your desktop (if you want) and I can show you — live — how to work with WordPress.

Here’s how it will work:

  1. About a week in advance, I’ll announce the time of the Hangout. I’ll put it out on Twitter, Google Plus, and I’ll send an email.
  2. I’ll send out another reminder through Twitter and Google Plus about an hour ahead of time
  3. When I start the hangout, 10 of you will be able to join. (That’s Google’s limitation, not mine.)
  4. During the hangout, which will last for about an hour, I’ll answer questions about WordPress as well as questions about StudioPress and Elegant Themes.

To make sure you’re notified, follow @WPBuildingBlock on Twitter, WordPress Building Blocks on Google Plus and sign up for the email list.)

If you’ve not joined a Google Hangout before, it’s pretty simple, but I will be making some instructions available.

Consultation via Google Hangouts or Phone

If you’d like my undivided attention, you can book me for a private consultation. This can be via telephone, Skype or Hangouts — your choice. The advantage of using Skype and Hangouts, again, is the ability to share your desktop so I can demonstrate for you while we talk.

Before the consultation, I’ll ask you to email me a list of the questions you want to cover during the session. That lets me make sure I have everything I’ll need at my fingertips, making the call as productive as possible.

There’s a fee for a private session, so if you’re interested, send me an email.