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How to Add an Image to your WordPress Post Using the Classic Editor

WordPress Tutorial #10

WordPress makes it very easy to add an image to your site’s posts and pages.

I’ll walk you through it using a post as an example.

Note: Use this tutorial if you’re still using the Classic Editor. If you’ve updated to Gutenberg, stay tuned. . .

#1. Place your cursor where you want the image to go in the post.

#2. Click the Add Media button.

We’ll assume you want to add a new image, one that’s not already in your WordPress Media Library.

Add Media

#3. Select Upload Files

#4. Add the Image from your Computer

Navigate to the image on your computer that you want to use, and drag it onto the screen.

WordPress will add it to the Media Library.

#5. Fill in Additional Information

image attachment details

On the right you’ll see some areas where you can fill in some additional information about the image. You can:

  • Change the title
  • Add a caption
  • Add alt text
  • Add a description
  • Choose alignment (left, center or right)
  • Tell WordPress what to link the image to if someone clicks on it
  • What size to display the image

#6. Click Insert Into Post

Once you click the Insert into Post button, the Media window will close and you’ll be looking at your post again. To see what it will look like when you publish it, click the Preview button on the right of the Dashboard, near the top.

That’s it. You’ve added an image.

How to Add the Featured Image

How do you add the little thumbnail image that shows up next to all your posts on a blog-style page? They look like this:

thumbnail images on blog page

This can be a little different in some themes, so be sure to check for any special instructions that come with your WordPress theme.

Generally, though, it’s pretty straightforward.

#1. Find the Featured Image Menu on the Dashboard

Again, different themes place it in different spots, but you’ll find it in the right-hand column of your WordPress Dashboard.

Add Featured Image

#2. Click Set Featured Image

After you click the Set Featured Image link, WordPress takes you back to your Media Library. If the image you want is in the library already, select it and add the additional information (if needed) just as you did above.

If it’s not already in the library, upload it as you did above.

There you go — you’ve added a Featured Image to provide the thumbnail, and added an image to your post as well.

If you’d like to find some beautiful, free images, read this.

Any questions about adding images to WordPress? Ask me using the form below.

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  1. I would like to have a calendar to post events. When I tried the calendar widget, it appeared on every page–I would like it only on a “Calendar” page. Thank you for helping,

    1. Hi Alice, if you want a calendar to appear on just one page, you wouldn’t use a sidebar widget. Look for a calendar plugin that you can add to a page, or post. Alternatively, if you have the skills you could add a widgetized area and add the calendar to that instead of the sidebar or footer.

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