How to Install a WordPress Theme

WordPress Tutorial #4

Block 3 is your WordPress theme

After you’ve registered a domain name, set up a hosting service and installed WordPress, your next step is to choose and install a WordPress theme.

If you’re creating a business site, you’ll be working with a premium theme. (If you’re installing a free theme that’s available through, the process is a bit different.)

#1. Choose and Download Your Theme

Once you’ve purchased your premium theme — our recommended WordPress theme designers are Elegant Themes and Studio Press — they’ll provide a download link.

Download the theme. It will be in the form of a zip file. If you know what that is, great. If not, don’t sweat it because you don’t need to do anything to the file. Just save it to your hard drive.

#2. Log Into WordPress

Once you’ve saved the zip file on your hard drive, go ahead and log in to your WordPress dashboard.

#3. Click Appearance/Themes


#4. Select the “Install Themes” Tab


#5. Select “Upload”


#6. Choose the File to Upload

Click the “Choose File” button. Navigate to the folder where you saved the theme file you downloaded in Step 1.

Highlight the file name, and you’ll see it inserted into the appropriate spot. In the example below, I selected the Chameleon theme from Elegant Themes.


#7. Click “Install Now”

Step 7 Install WordPress Theme

WordPress will show the progress of your theme’s installation.

Step 7. Installing a WordPress Theme

#8. Check the Preview, Save and Activate

WordPress will show you a preview of your new theme. Click the “Save and Activate” button.

Don’t be concerned if the page doesn’t look just like what you had in mind. There are lots of easy tweaks you can make later. If you look at the picture below, you can see how drab the WordPress Building Blocks site looked when I first installed the theme.


#9. Manage Themes

WordPress will take you to the Manage Themes page in your WordPress dashboard.

Here you’ll see the active theme first, with clickable links to several items you can modify.These will vary from theme to theme, but most will include Menu and Widgets.

Below that, you’ll see the other themes that are installed and available to you. If you want to switch to a different theme, just click its “activate” link.

But those are topics for another day. . .


Need help choosing a theme? I can help.

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