Infinity Pro

Boost Your Business into the Stratosphere with Infinity Pro

To infinity. . . and beyond! That’s the implied promise behind the new (and very elegant) Infinity Pro WordPress theme from StudioPress.

the Infinity Pro theme is stylish and modern

Infinity Pro combines all the style and grace you expect from a StudioPress theme, with WooCommerce-ready functionality to really help your online business lift off.

For starters, you get all the standard features you expect:

  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Beautiful typography
  • Optimized for search
  • Secure
  • Fast page load

Who Would Use This Theme?

It’s pretty versatile, so it will meet the needs of lots of site owners. Especially if you plan to do e-commerce, consider it if you you’re a:

  • Freelancer
  • Solopreneur
  • Small or medium-sized business
  • Professional business (lawyer, for example)

Front Page

It starts with the scrolling front page, featuring full-width images and top navigation that remains visible no matter how far down the page you scroll.

The page includes 7 flexible widgetized areas. The first remains full width. Areas 2-7 change configuration depending on how many widgets you install in each one. Here are some sample layouts. Each one represents a single widgetized area, with varying numbers of installed widgets, making your front page layout incredibly variable.

Full-width background images can be used in widget areas 1, 3, 5, and 7.

Infinity Pro front page widget configurations

Page Templates

Infinity Pro comes with five page templates:

  1. Archive
  2. Blog
  3. Landing Page
  4. Lead Capture Page
  5. Team Page

The Archive and Blog pages are pretty standard. The Landing Page template removes all headers, footers and sidebars, leaving a blank page for your marketing message. The Lead Capture Page template is something new. It removes all the distractions, like a landing page does, but also includes a widgetized area at the bottom of the page for an opt-in or other form. Use it by installing a widget on the Lead Capture Widget.

The Team Page template creates a grid of titles and images. (You don’t have to use it solely to show off your team.)


Infinity Pro Team Page Template


There are two default menu locations, header and footer.

Infinity Pro menu options


This is, in my opinion, the one drawback to the theme. The only color that’s customizable through the Appearances / Customize / Colors menu is the accent color. It uses a color picker, so it’s fully customizable, but if you want any other colors to be different from the default, you have to modify the CSS code.

Fortunately, that’s easier now, since the release of WordPress 4.7. Navigate to Appearance / Additional CSS for the built-in CSS editor.

Layout Options

Infinity Pro offers three layout options — full width, right sidebar, and left sidebar. Pretty standard stuff, except that you can also choose the standard, or an extra-wide width on the full-width pages.

Within any layout, you can create multiple columns using the column classes shortcode.

There’s also a CSS class that let’s you add an introduction above the featured image on a post.

Infinity Pro Intro paragraph CSS class

Widgetized Areas

In addition to the seven widgetized areas exclusive to the front page, Infinity Pro offers widgets in the:

  • Sidebar
  • Footer (3)
  • After Entry, which follows the content on a single-post page
  • Lead Capture, mentioned above
  • Offscreen Content

Offscreen Content is pretty interesting. It allows you to create an overlay, but unlike a popup, which annoys readers, it only appears when the reader clicks on the three dots in the upper-right corner of the page.

Infinity Pro Offscreen Content Link

I haven’t figured out yet how the reader is supposed to know to click there. . . I’m such a nitpicker!

Here’s an example of what a reader might see.

Infinity Pro Offscreen Content

WooCommerce Ready

If e-commerce is your thing, Infinity Pro is an excellent choice as it’s fully ready for WooCommerce with elegant styling on the catalog, product, and checkout pages.

Infinity Pro WooCommerce Shop

If you choose to add the WooCommerce Membership or Subscriptions extensions, you’ll find the same elegant styling is already in place for those pages as well.


If you’re a new StudioPress customer, you’ll need to purchase both the Genesis Framework and the Infinity Pro child theme, for a price of  $129.95. This one-time price gives you the framework and theme, and you can use both the framework and the theme on as many sites as you want. You’re also eligible for technical support and updates forever.

If you’re a returning customer and you already own the Genesis Framework, purchase the Infinity Pro child theme at a discounted price of $56.21.

Click Here to View the Full Demo.

Click Here to Buy the Infinity Pro Theme.

Yes, this is an affiliate link. If you purchase the theme through this link, I receive a small commission — it helps me keep this site running, and keeps my prices low on the WordPress services I offer.

Want to see a site I recently built for a client using Infinity Pro? Click here.

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