Divi 4.0 Theme Builder template areas

It’s Not Just a Page Builder Any More

If you’ve been using Divi, you know how well it can let you put together interesting and unique pages and posts. You’ve also probably had a few frustrations. Like:

  • You wanted to customize the headers on different pages
  • Ditto with footers

Well, now you can, because Elegant Themes has just released Divi 4.0.

Elegant Themes is now describing it as a theme builder, not just a page builder.

I haven’t had a chance to fool around with it yet, but you can bet I’ll be doing exactly that in the next few days. Once I do, I’ll update you on what I find.

But if you’re looking for a page builder that can do even more, Divi is the way to go.

Included in the new Divi theme builder:

  • Create custom index pages and category feeds
  • Create your own custom 404 error page
  • Create your own templates for posts and products
  • Create custom templates for absolutely anything

According to the release notes,

The beauty of the Theme Builder is that you aren’t restricted to using the Divi Theme’s basic structure but instead can create that structure yourself.

It’s also tightly integrated with WooCommerce for all your e-commerce needs.

Click here to check out what’s new in Divi 4.0, and stay tuned for my review.

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