Parallax Pro Theme

Parallax Pro: A Mobile Responsive Scrolling Theme from StudioPress

This new WordPress theme uses a newer website technique which helps you, the site owner, to tell a story and mesmerize your audience. Many of us have been awaiting this new theme eagerly.

The theme is called Parallax Pro, and it comes from StudioPress.

Why have we been holding our breaths for this new theme? Besides the fact that it’s stunning and awesome. . .

The parallax effect happens as you scroll down the page. The text moves, and so do the background images. But they move at different speeds. As the designer states:

“. . . it gives your website an air of design sophistication and credibility that will help you build instant trust. . .”

It also has the features you expect from a premium theme designer

  • 5 Color Choices
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Custom Backgorund
  • Custom Header
  • Excellent Typography
  • HTML5
  • More

If you want your WordPress site to look contemporary and up to date, using a theme like Parallax Pro is a good idea. It includes the most important elements of website design — it’s mobile friendly, it uses full-width images, and it’s scrolling homepage tells a story.

Check out the Parallax Pro theme demo for yourself.

You’ll be impressed.