Rainmaker vs. WordPress? Which is Right for You?

Rainmaker vs. WordPress

At its heart, the Rainmaker Platform [aff] is WordPress. So what makes it different from everyday, run-of-the-mill self-hosted WordPress, and which version of WordPress will work better for you and your business?

One big difference is that Rainmaker states clearly that it’s for “building your online marketing and sales platform.”

So, is Rainmaker your best platform? Or are you good with WordPress?

Use WordPress if…

  • You want to be able to change hosts at the click of a button
  • You don’t mind taking care of your site’s security
  • You want total control and decision making authority over the plugins and themes you use
  • You’ve got a system for doing keyword research
  • You’re a regular blogger
  • You’re not selling anything

Use Rainmaker if…

  • You don’t want to spend your time with the technology, you just want to focus on your content creation and marketing.
  • You want someone else to manage the hosting
  • You want someone else to manage the site security
  • You want someone else to manage plugins
  • You plan to podcast and want it to be easy
  • You plan to offer courses and want course creation to be easy
  • You want built-in help with landing pages and keyword research
  • You want to be part of a helpful community, and access lots of education about content marketing, social media, online business and copywriting

Still not sure? Check out this two weeks of training that will change the way you think about online marketing.

Are you already using Rainmaker? What do you like/not like about it compared with standard WordPress?

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