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Require Featured Image Plugin: Review


Plugins add functionality and dress up your WordPress website. I’ve just found a new plugin that will help you make your blog pages look a lot more interesting!

It’s called the Require Featured Image Plugin.

What’s a Featured Image?

The Featured Image is the little image that shows up on a blog page next to the excerpt from the article or post.

Blog page with Featured Images

If you forget to add it before you hit the Publish button, your blog page will look like this (boring!).

Featured Image missing

Now there’s a plugin that won’t let you publish your post without the Featured Image. It’s called Require Featured Image.

Adding the Featured Image

Adding the featured image is easy to do. Just find the section labeled Featured Image on the right side of your WordPress dashboard.

Adding a Featured ImageThen click the set featured image link and add an image. You can use an existing image from your Media Library, or upload a new one.

When you publish the post, the Featured Image will automatically show up on the blog page.

If you forget to add your Featured Image, though, your blog page ends up looking pretty bland and boring.

Eliminate Bland Blog Pages with the Require Featured Image Plugin

The Require Featured Image plugin won’t let you publish your post until you’ve added your Featured Image.

To add the plugin, click on Plugins/Add New.

Type Require Featured Image into the search box and click the Search Plugins button.

Or you can download the Require Featured Image Plugin, and install it by clicking Upload from the Add Plugins page.

Here are complete instructions for adding a plugin to your WordPress site.

4 thoughts on “Require Featured Image Plugin: Review”

  1. Hi Susanna,
    Fantastic posts!
    Is it possible to make the Featured Image clickable so that it will open up to a new larger image? As you can do with normal images. I’ve tried without success to find out how to do this.

    1. Hi Sue,

      Usually your theme will control whether that featured image is clickable. This plugin simply insists that you include the featured image.

      As far as I know, all the themes by the two designers I’m affiliated with – Elegant Themes and StudioPress – make the featured image clickable.

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