Is Your Website Doing Its Job?

Get the Website Results You’re Looking For, Fast!

You know that you need a website, but do you know that minor changes in your site can represent hundreds or thousands of dollars more (or less!) in revenue? 

A well designed professional website should doing most of the heavy lifting for you when it comes to attracting new customers or clients and selling.

Is your site attracting the customers you want?

An effective website needs to do a lot of things. It has to:

  • Be the public face of your business
  • Brand your business effectively
  • Establish your credibility and authority
  • Bring your portfolio to life
  • Show that you’re a professional
  • Give readers the information they need to do business with you
  • Make it easy for readers to decide to buy, and to find and click the Buy Now button

The bottom line is, your website should be enhancing your business and making your life easier, not draining your funds and making your life harder.

If you’ve poured a lot of blood, sweat, and tears
into your site but you’re still getting
lackluster results, I can help.

By performing a site audit.

Once a new reader hits your site, you have a fraction of a second before they make their first decision: will they bounce away, or will they stay and look at what you’re offering.

Once they start reading, you want them to continue reading. Believe it or not, the way you present your information has more initial impact than the quality of your content. The best ideas in the world, presented poorly, just won’t get the attention they deserve.

So the very first thing your website must do is to load quickly, and look visually appealing on any device. After that, your content can do its job.

If your website isn’t encouraging visitors to stick around, you need to identify why. That’s where I can help.

7-Step Site Audit

I’ll perform a site audit, examining your site carefully in seven distinct areas. The 7-Step Site Audit will answer questions like:

  1. What’s a visitor’s first impression — does your site design encourage them to stick around, or does it send them away?
  2. Is your business clear?
  3. Is your navigation logical? Is it easy for a visitor to find what they’re looking for quickly?
  4. Is your site easy to read? (This refers to how your pages and posts look, and whether they’re set up to guide the reader’s eye down the page.)
  5. Is your copy friendly, and does it focus on the visitor?
  6. Does your site support and enhance your sales and marketing?
  7. Does your site meet basic security guidelines?
I’ll see what’s working — and what could be working better — and provide you with a detailed report. It will pinpoint the areas that need improvement, and help you fix them.

After you implement the suggested changes, you’ll see improvements in your bottom line. And that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?


Engineer Your Copy front page after the site audit

After the Site Audit

This is what a visitor first sees at following the Site Audit – an appealing, modern site with a strong tech feel. 

“Hi, Susanna. I just wanted to reach out and thank you for your analysis of my website.

Your site audit on my site was spot on – and then some!

Not only did you document some of the things I knew were outdated, you identified things I wouldn’t have thought to check… and I built the original website. 😊

Finally, the way you broke down the evaluation also helped. By capturing the technical, copy, user interface and security issues together, it made it easier to see what needed to be done and who was responsible for the specific improvements.

I look forward to having you help me implement many of these recommendations!

Keith A. Trimels

For smaller sites of 10 pages or less.
  • Overall Site Review
  • In-depth Study (5 Pages: Home, About, and 3 others you’ll specify)
  • Customized Report Findings
  • Recommendations
For larger sites of 10-20 pages
  • Overall Site Review
  • In-depth study (8 pages: Home, About, and 6 other pages you specify.
  • Fully customized report findings
  • Recommendations
If your site is bigger than 20 pages, or if you want to include e-commerce pages in the review, request a quote.
$Ask for Quote
  • Overall site review
  • In-depth study of all the pages you specify
  • Fully customized report findings
  • Recommendations

I’ve Been Building Websites for Over 20 Years

Have you ever published a new article on your website only to have someone point out a typo after you hit the publish button?

Susanna Perkins WordPress Building Blocks

Even after you proofread it several times. . .

Me too!

All of us experience proofreading fatigue, when you’ve looked at something so many times you no longer see what’s there, but instead what you know should be there.

The same is true with your website.

You’re so intimately familiar with it that you just don’t see it objectively, the way a new visitor would.

That’s really why I started doing site audits. A client or prospect would come to me, and I’d see so many little things that could be improved to make a big difference in the results they got from their site — things they had become blind to.

It’s just one of several reasons for having a site audit.

When it comes to websites, I’m an old-timer in more ways than one!

I built my first site in the mid-90s. Over the years, standards have changed (thank goodness!), and what we can do with our websites is expanded and improved.

I’d love to help you identify and implement some simple changes that will make your site more effective.

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