3 ways siteground makes your shared hosting service more secure

3 Ways Siteground Makes Your Shared WordPress Hosting More Secure

image of WordPress logo hackedAs a website owner, you never want to find your site compromised by a security breach.

Your hosting service has a lot to do with that.

Security was one of the big reasons I moved my own shared hosting sites to Siteground [aff], and why I recommend them to you. And in the past few months, they’ve offered three additional security services to greatly reduce your site’s security risks.

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Free Security Certificates and SSL Encryption

This is a double benefit, both for security and for improved search rankings.

Google wants to see all websites encrypted. (You can quickly tell if a site is encrypted because the URL begins with https:// instead of http:// .) Now, Siteground offers that encryption, at no charge.

They provide Let’s Encrypt security certificates, and existing sites can easily convert to protected status by making some small modifications in cPanel and within WordPress.

Siteground provides instructions for how to make the change manually. Or, if you’d rather automate it, they’ve provided the SG Optimizer WordPress plugin.

Security Monitoring from Sucuri

Siteground has always offered regular security monitoring for your site. Recently, they changed their monitoring partner to Sucuri, which is pretty much the Cadillac of online security.

They call it the Hack Alert service, and it’s an extra annual charge of $18. It’s well worth it for the peace of mind.

Anti-Bot Artificial Intelligence

They’ve just launched a new AI (artificial intelligence) to protect your website.

Internet bad guys are always looking for vulnerable websites. To find them, they use what’s known as brute force attacks, where a computer bot will try thousands (or millions) of usernames and passwords to break into the site. (That’s one of the reasons you need a strong username and password!)

Siteground’s new AI blocks those brute force attacks. They describe it as:

. . . a new AI-based bot prevention system to block potential unauthorized logins into our customers’ websites. It is already stopping millions of brute-force attacks each day and saving an enormous amount of our users’ server resources.

So there you have it — more security for your shared WordPress hosting.

If you’re considering a change of hosts, but concerned about how to do it, this article will help.

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