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Siteground: A Better Choice for WordPress Hosting

If you’re looking for fast, reliable and affordable WordPress hosting, the field is crowded with subpar offerings. I moved this site to managed hosting several years ago, but I have several other sites as well.

Over the past three years, I’ve tried several different hosts, all with disappointing results. Then last month I decided to check out Siteground, and so far I’m pleased.

Here’s what I’ve found.

Shared Hosting

Siteground offers three shared hosting plans:

    1. Startup, which includes one domain, 10 GB of space and 10,000 monthly visits
    2. Grow Big, which includes up to 25,000 monthly visits and 20 GB with unlimited domains
    3. Go Geek, which includes up to 100,000 monthly visits and 30 GB

Even the smallest plan includes daily backup, and the Grow Big and Go Geek plans include priority support and caching.

Signing up with Siteground WordPress Hosting

I recently moved several sites to Siteground, and I was particularly impressed with one aspect of their onboarding process.

Here’s how it went.

First, I hovered over the WordPress Services menu and selected WordPress Hosting.

Siteground WordPress Hosting

I selected the Grow Big plan, which is ample for my needs right now, although I’ll probably upgrade it in future.

Since I already have a domain (several, in fact), I selected “I already have a domain” and filled in the relevant information for one of my domains, then clicked Proceed.

Siteground domain information

Note that they will give you a free domain name registration if you’re registering the domain with them. This is tempting, but I always advise you to keep your domain and hosting separate.

Fill in the appropriate information in the next screen, agree to the terms of service, then click Pay Now. One thing I didn’t like — and I have to say, it was the only aspect of signing up with Siteground that I didn’t like — is that they accept payment only by MasterCard or VISA. No PayPal or American Express, which are my payment methods of choice.

Siteground signup form

After your payment is accepted, an amazing thing happens.

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Onboarding is Great!

A new window opens, and you’re automatically entered into an online chat with a customer service rep. The rep makes sure everything is correct and offers to help or answer any questions right away.

Siteground chat window

Daniel M. was my rep. As you can see, the system gave me quite a lot of information about him, including the number of people he had assisted, when he started in the role, and how customers have rated him so far.

Siteground rep Daniel

And, just in case I wasn’t happy for some reason, the system also automatically offered to escalate my case to a more senior rep.

Siteground escalate to Senior Rep

This, my friends, is an awesome example of a quality onboarding experience and good customer service.

Daniel verified that I wanted them to import several sites, saving me the trouble, but there was one I was planning to handle myself as I was taking this opportunity to change the theme.

The whole process took just a few minutes. Shortly after, I received a confirmation email that included a link to log in, and information about changing my domain name servers to point to the new site locations on Siteground.

Siteground confirmation email

Moving Existing Sites

Siteground verified the information they needed to move the sites from my old hosting company. They moved the sites I specified quickly, and notified me when the move was complete.

Altogether, this was the most painless new hosting experience I’ve had in all my years of building websites (and I started back in 1995, before WordPress!).

Going Forward

It’s been about six weeks, and I have no complaints. Site uptime has been excellent — far better than with the last host. Navigating around their site is straightforward. If I have questions, I can get a rep on chat, usually within a few seconds. I haven’t tried calling, although they do provide a toll-free number in the US.

Page load speed is better, too. The largest site loads about 20% faster, according to Pingdom and GTMetrix, than it used too, and that’s without any special caching enabled. If I wanted to configure CloudFlare (at no extra charge), I could speed it up even more.

On the whole, I’m very satisfied with SiteGround. Satisfied enough, in fact, that I’ve signed up as an affiliate. If you use a link from this site, I receive a small commission. You pay the same to Siteground, but if you hire me to set up a WordPress site for you, you’ll get a discount from me.

Questions about setting up a Siteground account? Ask in the form below.

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  1. Hi Susanna,

    I stumbled into this site after seeing your introduction in Copyblogger Content Challenge. This post is something that I totally agree with. I have been using SiteGround for more than 2 years for my client’s sites and so far, I am quite satisfied.

    One other point to add:
    I have cross-checked SiteGround Shared Hosting Reverse-IP with one other shared hosting site. I found that the number of sites hosted in SiteGround is significantly lower.

    Just wondering whether do you have anything to add on this?

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