StudioPress has partnered with Pat Flynn to create the Smart Passive Income Pro [aff] WordPress theme.

It’s designed to help you focus on the three elements that made Pat so successful — design, content, and strategy. (If you’re not familiar with Pat, he’s a monumentally successful blogger who runs a site called Smart Passive Income, where he refers to himself as “the crash-test dummy of online business.”)

Smart Passive Income Pro includes prominent areas for calls to action, and features clean design and excellent typography, so choose this theme if you’re focused on building a strong, content-based business.

Front Page

Smart Passive Income Pro front page includes 5 flexible widgetized areas

Five widgetized areas create the front page of the Smart Passive Income Pro theme. Like all the newer StudioPress themes, these areas are extremely flexible, giving you different layouts depending on how many widgets you deploy in each. Here’s a diagram showing the many possibilities. (Remember, these are the possibilities per widgetized area — not for the entire front page!)

flexible front page layout

The demo site uses the following:

  1. Widget area #1 in the demo uses a Custom Menu widget.widget 1 area
  2. Widget area #2 includes a background image — you can use the one that’s included with the theme, or upload your own. The demo uses a single text widget.widget 2 area
  3. Widget area #3-Top in the demo uses four text widgets.
    widget 3 area - top
  4. Widget area #3-Bottom in the demo uses two text widgets.
    widget 3 - bottom area
  5. Widget area #4 uses four Genesis Featured Posts widgets to display recent content.
    widget 4 area

If you’re wondering how they got all these great effects with simple text widgets, review this article about how to dress up a text widget.

Colors and Layout

Smart Passive Income Pro gives you total control over the colors for:

  • Primary — includes links, buttons, etc.
  • Secondary — includes the background color for widgetized area #1 on the front page (the navigation area in the demo), footer sections, and menus
  • Front page 3 background color — This controls the background color for the Widget area #3 top and bottom sections (where the demo uses four and two text widgets, respectively)

Choose full-width, right sidebar, or left sidebar layout.


Smart Passive Income Pro theme includes two menu locations: After Header, which displays just below the header section, and Footer, just above the footer. You can also add descriptions to menu items.

After header menu with descriptions

The image above shows the After Header menu (with descriptions). The image below shows the Footer menu, which the demo uses for social media links.

Footer menu

For readers viewing your site on mobile devices, the theme automatically presents a hamburger icon. When the viewer clicks, it expands into a mobile-friendly menu.

Who Should Use This Theme?

This is not an e-commerce theme (though it could easily become one with the addition of WooCommerce or a similar plugin). If you’re a blogger or podcaster and you develop passive income sources, it’s an excellent choice.

Find out more about the Smart Passive Income Pro theme, and see a demo here.

If you’re not sure how to know whether a theme is right for you, I can help.