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Social Media and Marketing — the $64,000 Question

Recently a reader shared with me that his biggest website stumbling block is social: “What do I do to get people to interact with me online?” He asked.

That’s the $64,000 question. The site alone is just part of the picture.

We all know that the purpose of our great websites is to inspire others to interact with us.

That might be in the form of comments or questions on the site itself. Or it might be discussions on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus. Maybe it’s sharing images and links on Pinterest, or connecting on LinkedIn.

Or maybe it’s buying our product, service or program.

I wish I had the magic answer, but I don’t. That’s a marketing question, and it’s way outside the scope of what I do here, helping people build effective and attractive websites with WordPress.

What I can do is share some resources with you. These are websites, communities and groups I’ve found helpful. Since the question really has two parts — the social and the marketing — I’m dividing my list accordingly.

Remember there are thousands of sites that can teach you how to market and use social media. These are just a few that have helped me.

Social Media

Websites and Blogs

Social Media Examiner
Mari Smith
Chris Brogan — make sure you also read this post
Jeff Bullas

Programs and Training

Social Networking [aff]


Websites and Blogs

Firepole Marketing
Smart Passive Income

Programs and Training

Blog Marketing Academy [aff]
Digital Copywriter
How to Write Your Own Money-Making Websites [aff]

Unfortunately, learning effective marketing and social media techniques takes time and experimentation. There’s no fast, “do this and you’ll succeed” magic bullet.

I really wish there were!!

Do you have a favorite source for wisdom about using social media or marketing online? I’d love to know about it.