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How to Stick a Post to the Top of Your WordPress Blog

Ever wonder how some blogs have a post that seems to be glued in the first position? That “start here” message stays on top, where new visitors will always see it. It even has a name — it’s called a sticky post.

It might look something like this.

here's an example of sticky post

Why Would You Want a Sticky Post?

There are lots of reasons to use a sticky post.

  1. As shown in the example above, you want to draw attention to some information for visitors who are new to the site.
  2. You have an event coming up. It might be a podcast, a webinar, or even a live event. You want that information to sit in the most noticeable spot on your blog, in order to increase attendance, sell more tickets, etc. Once the event is over, you’ll remove it.
  3. You’re launching a book, a course, or an online magazine. If you’re a musician, you’re launching an album.
  4.  Your business is raising funds for your favorite charity.

Making a post sticky is actually very easy to do. Let’s walk through it — there are only four steps.

#1. Create your post, and save it as a draft

Start your new post just as you normally would, then save it as a draft. Nothing special required at all.

#2. Click on “Posts / All Posts” in the Dashboard menu

This will bring up the list of posts. Your new draft should be at the top.

index of posts, newest at the top

#3. Select “Quick Edit”

select quick edit

#4. Check the “Make This Post Sticky” box

make this post sticky

Just check the box, click Update, and that’s it. Finish drafting your post, publish it, and it will stay at the top of your blog page.

Later, when your event is over or your book has launched, you can unstick it. Just go back to the Quick Edit screen, uncheck the box, and click Update.

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