why StudioPress is still one of my go-to WordPress theme designers

Why Use a StudioPress WordPress Theme?

Why are so many web designers and online businesses switching to WordPress themes from StudioPress? Total awesomeness is one reason, but let’s get a bit more specific.

StudioPress themes come in two pieces: the Genesis Framework and the child theme. You need the framework or the child theme won’t work.

That’s because they’ve separated the two main parts of web design programming. There’s the part that contains the code that tells WordPress what to do, and the part that tells WordPress what to look like: function and design.

The framework handles the function, and the child theme handles the design.

This is good for you because it means they can update the framework and it doesn’t change how your site looks to visitors.

StudioPress is one of two theme design companies I rely on — the other is Elegant Themes. Because I like and trust their themes, I’ve joined with them as an affiliate. That means, if you purchase a theme from a link on this site, I earn a commission. It helps me keep my prices low, and keep this site running.

StudioPress and Elegant Themes, were recently declared co-winners in a review of major theme designers. According to the reviewer, “Both companies offer consistently reliable products that take the hassle out of setting up and using a WordPress theme.”

Here are some of the technical reasons for StudioPress’ success:

  1. SEO Optimization is built in
  2. Designs are mobile responsive and use HTML5
  3. Once you buy the framework and theme you can use them on as many sites as you want
  4. The best security
  5. Updates are fast and easy
  6. Easy to customize
  7. Lots of layout options
  8. Google AMP compatibility
  9. Custom developers available to create exactly the look you want


For your initial purchase of the framework and one child theme, you’ll pay from $99.95-$129.95. 

If you want to go back and buy another child theme, you don’t need to purchase the framework again. After you log into your StudioPress account, you’ll see discounted pricing for the theme you’re looking at.

For example, a returning buyer sees the price for Essence Pro drop from $129.95 to $56.21.

Returning customers get a significant discount on additional StudioPress theme purchases

If you plan to build multiple sites, consider the Pro Plus package, which gets you the Genesis Framework plus every StudioPress child theme — including those they’ll introduce in the future — as well as a large assortment of third-party themes.


Out of the box, StudioPress themes make it easy to change the page layout and customize your color scheme. For even more customization, use widgets and plugins.

One of my favorite features is the homepage that’s constructed of widgets, with hugely flexible layout options. It gives you nearly unlimited ways to structure your homepage.


The security of my WordPress sites is very important to me, and here StudioPress shines. Their code is rock solid and they undergo a voluntary audit by the security company Sucuri on a regular basis. Their code complies with best practices.

Browser Compatibility

Some themes look great in one browser but fall apart in another. Or they’ll look good on a tablet but you can’t read them on a smart phone.

StudioPress themes work across all the major browsers, and they’re not designing anything that’s not mobile responsive. Any theme with “Pro” in the name and the HTML5 symbol is completely cross-browser compatible and mobile responsive.


Rock solid, dependable, easy to customize, and lots of different themes to choose from, that’s StudioPress.

Click here to look at all the StudioPress themes.

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This article was updated on June 19, 2019.

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