Doak Ewing

Susanna took the weight off my shoulders transferring content from my 20-year-old website to a clean, modern WordPress version. She gave patient support and encouragement throughout. She was always available to answer questions and I know if I stumble, she’ll be there to help me get up. I highly recommend Susanna to anyone needing help […]

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Trent Daly

Thank you so much for all your help in building my first website. Thank you also for your patience and persistence in dealing with a novice such as myself. It’s been an enjoyable learning experience and I appreciate all your time, effort and expertise in helping me to bring my site to life. You truly

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Shawn Vincent

Here’s the deal with Susanna: she gets it. As a business owner, the thing I value most about Susanna is that she manages up, helping me line up the resources I need for her to do the job. As a result, work gets done quickly, with a minimum effort from me.

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Michelle Detlaff

I wish they would let me add more attributes instead of only 3. They all apply to you Susanna. I am so grateful to work with you. Blogging and copywriting are so important to my business and I don’t always have the time to do these tasks myself. The best part about working with you

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Misty S.

Susanna is extremely knowledgeable about the WordPress platform and has sharp insight into which themes to use. Her step-by-step instructions really make setting up a WordPress site fast and painless. I appreciated her friendly attitude and willingness to help me quickly find a theme I like. She went above and beyond what I expected. Her

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Deb Svanefelt

Susanna has been an awesome support for designing 3 websites for me – she has Superpowers when it comes to knowing her way around WordPress – or finding her way in new areas with flexibility and creativity. She’s been incredibly patient with getting answers to my many questions, has been cheerful and calm [even when

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