Shea McNaughton

Updated April 27, 2020

Thanks a million, Susanna, for helping me out. This has gone so much smoother than previous web builds, thanks to you!

Warmest regards,


I was in the process of trying to launch a new business, and I had known for months that I would need a new website.  I had once built a blog from scratch and thought how hard could it be to build a website.

WELL.  Maybe it’s not impossible, but it was technical enough that I found out quickly that it would take more time to get it up and running than I wanted to spend.  A LOT more time.

I had discovered Susanna’s services in the course of learning my new business, and so I called on her to help me out.  She took the reins and built a fantastic website, leaving me to the business of creating my business.  Never having built a website, I knew NOTHING about it and constantly asked her opinion.  Being the pro, her opinion was extremely valuable, and I have a beautiful website to show for it.

After the site was finished, Susanna handed the reins back to me with the assurance that she would be available for questions should I have any (which I did).  Her website, fills in the blanks for me as I move forward with my business and continue to build my site with content.

Susanna took a huge load off my mind when she built my site.  I had so much going on that I just couldn’t spare the time to build it myself.  Not only that, her prices were completely reasonable.  I had done the research with other design companies and had resigned myself to limping along with an “eventual website” in mind.  But Susanna rescued me with her skill and sheer know-how when it comes to building a professional website.  She is FANTASTIC.

Thanks so much, Susanna, I will recommend you to anyone and everyone who needs a webmaster / designer / builder.