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Susanna Perkins, of WordPress Building Blocks, helped to redesign my web site www.PanamaRelocationTours.com. This is a wordpress web site which had the same look for more than 3 years so it was time for a facelift.

Susanna helped me identify a good word press theme, installed it and got it all configured. She has a keen eye for the little details that make a site look more professional and run more efficiently.

Good communications are essential during a web site project, whether it is a new design or a rebuild. This is the only way the “vision” for the site can come together. Susanna took time to understand what I wanted to accomplish with the site and made it happen seamlessly. She kept me informed via email during every phase of the redesign process. She made excellent recommendations for plugins which made the site look and work better.

I am very pleased with the results and with Susanna Perkins. My redesign came in on time and on budget. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs a web site built or redesigned. She knows what she's doing!

Jackie Lange
WordPress Building Blocks
Susanna has been an awesome support for designing 3 websites for me - she has Superpowers when it comes to knowing her way around WordPress - or finding her way in new areas with flexibility and creativity. She's been incredibly patient with getting answers to my many questions, has been cheerful and calm [even when I've been tech-anxious - gotta love that in a person!]

Her work is fantastic - she thinks of stuff I have no idea about, and adds it in for me. I trust her work and skills implicitly, and I'll continue to use her skills, and recommend her to other friends and colleagues. She's just the best - like I said, the Super Woman of website designs!! 🙂 🙂
WordPress Building Blocks
Susanna worked with my marketing person to help us move my unhosted Pilates website over to BlueHost and get me up and running with a brand new theme. All the content, pictures and layout transferred over without a hitch thanks to her WordPress wizardry! And, she did this on a very tight deadline.

WordPress Building Blocks
I contracted Susanna to move my site to a self-hosted platform. Right from the start she made herself available on various mediums to discuss my requirements and help me understand the process. Her advice was clear and precise; with step-by-step instructions that never failed to deliver.

Her product knowledge is excellent in a field where updates are a constant and her calm, humorous approach was a real help when my nerves kicked in or indecision struck.

I'd work with her again in a heartbeat and have no qualms in recommending her to friends and colleagues (in fact I've already done just that!)

WordPress Building Blocks
Susanna is extremely knowledgeable about the WordPress platform and has sharp insight into which themes to use. Her step-by-step instructions really make setting up a WordPress site fast and painless.

I appreciated her friendly attitude and willingness to help me quickly find a theme I like. She went above and beyond what I expected.

Her Wordpress Bulding Blocks system is easy to understand and follow. I highly recommend her!

WordPress Building Blocks
Susanna is very professional, her response to my question ASAP reflects her quick action and good communication skills towards her clients. ..

WordPress Building Blocks
I wish they would let me add more attributes instead of only 3. They all apply to you Susanna. I am so grateful to work with you. Blogging and copywriting are so important to my business and I don't always have the time to do these tasks myself. The best part about working with you is that I KNOW you will get job done right with very few edits (if any).

I'm very satisfied with the great results you've provided. I consider you an expert in your field and you are extremely creative and personable. Your writing carries a sense of humor which I appreciate (and my clients appreciate because they have also commented on it)

Keep up the good work.

Thank you,
WordPress Building Blocks
Here's the deal with Susanna: she gets it.

As a business owner, the thing I value most about Susanna is that she manages up, helping me line up the resources I need for her to do the job. As a result, work gets done quickly, with a minimum effort from me.

WordPress Building Blocks
I first checked Susanna out because she and I were both AWAI members and had both taken a class on Money Making Websites. When I saw her website, I was really impressed. Then I saw another website she had designed and loved it too, so I scheduled a consultation with her to talk about helping me.

Susanna is extremely knowledgeable about the products she recommends and CSS coding. And, she was very patient with me regarding my lack of technical background and my delays getting information to her because of my lack of understanding how to make decisions she needed me to make, and ultimately because of unexpected health issues that stopped me in my tracks. She was generous in understanding what I was going through and a resulting change in our plans.
WordPress Building Blocks
Dear Susanna,

Your knowledge and expertise in helping me develop my website has been invaluable. My technology skills and confidence have grown a great deal with your help. But I am sure I will need further guidance, and I will look to you for direction again.

As you know, I am a "do-it-yourselfer", so for those who want to learn how to get started and to have direct input into the process, you offer just the right amount of direction.

I am grateful for your patience in the overwhelming projects of building my two websites (Patricia White Copywriting and Healthy Avatar), and for your willingness to lead me through all the steps from beginning to end.

Your prices are so reasonable for the guidance and amount of setup you

Thank You,

WordPress Building Blocks
Susanna did a great job working on some websites for me. She was fast and efficient, and very easy to work with. The job went without a hitch, and was well-priced. I would highly recommend her for any website or writing work.
WordPress Building Blocks
Susanna saved me enormous amounts of time and aggravation. She answered all questions promptly and kept the project moving forward. I highly recommend her
WordPress Building Blocks
I know Susanna from Money Making Website Groupsite Forum. She always gives helpful advice and suggestions. She's very knowledgeable...the proof is in her website "WordPress Building Blocks".
Thanks, Susanna.
WordPress Building Blocks
Susanna is a great teacher. Her knowledge of building and using websites for professional and personal use is extensive, and she shares her expertise willingly. I am so grateful for her presence on this forum. Thank you, Susanna