Thanks for your Order!

Thanks for requesting WordPress setup for your new website. I’m happy to help.

Before we get started, there’s some additional information I’ll need from you.

Bargain Basement WordPress Setup

If you’re taking advantage of our Bargain Basement Special you’ll need to send me copies of:

  1. Your receipt from for your domain name purchased through a link at WordPress Building Blocks
  2. Your receipt from for your hosting service purchased through a link at WordPress Building Blocks
  3. Your receipt from either or for purchase of your theme

If you haven’t chosen a theme yet and would like my help with that, just let me know. Choosing a theme can be a little intimidating, and I’m happy to help you whittle down your choices.

Additional Information

I’ll be sending you an email detailing the rest of the information I’ll need to set up your WordPress website. I’ll use the email address you use for PayPal, so please make sure to whitelist emails from info at

Please don’t hesitate to email me if you have any questions. On weekdays you can expect a response within 24 hours, although I’m usually a lot faster than that. Weekends and holidays are a bit slower.

Once again, thanks for choosing me and WordPress Building Blocks!

All the best,
Susanna Perkins

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