Wellness Pro theme from StudioPress

I admit it, I’ve recently fallen in love. With a WordPress theme.

It’s the new Wellness Pro theme [aff] from StudioPress. Naturally, it has all the features you’d expect in a StudioPress theme. It’s:

  • Well coded
  • Versatile
  • Terrific typography
  • Mobile responsive
  • Secure

I could go on and on.

It’s a gorgeous theme, and you can use it for all sorts of sites, not just those related to health or wellness. I recently used it to demonstrate a new, updated look for a book binding business.

The front page layout can be almost anything you want it to be — without any coding required. That’s because you build it using combinations of widgets. There are six widgetized areas, and your layout will depend on how many widgets you add to each one.

Here’s a look at some of the possibilities.

Front Page

Wellness Pro flexible front page layouts

What does this translate into? Here are a few screenshots from the live demo site. First is the Widget 1 area, which includes the site header, navigation, and the first message readers will see.

Wellness Pro front page Widget 1

This was created using a background image and a single widget. The first, third and fifth widgetized areas are set up to show a background image, although you don’t have to use one.

The next area includes four widgets, each using the Genesis Featured Posts widget to display a single blog post. As you can see, the focus is on the image, so if you’re going to use this theme, your images must be of good quality.

Wellness Pro front page, widget area 2

In the third widgetized area, the demo shows another single widget with a background image.

Wellness Pro front page widget 3

Next is another group of four widgets, using the Genesis Author Pro widget to display book and author information. (The Author Pro plugin can be used with many different themes.)

Wellness Pro front page widget area 4

The fifth widget position is another single, full-width widget with a background image.

Wellness Pro front page widget 5

Last is another single widget. This is a text widget that’s set up to display a picture and a testimonial.

Wellness Pro front page widget 6

However, your options for other arrangements are many, as shown in the Flexible Layout Configurations image above.

Here’s widget area #3 with two text widgets and a background of books, for the book binding site I recently demoed.

Wellness Pro front page with 2 text widgets

Blog and Archive Pages

Emphasis on the blog page is on  the large featured image.

Wellnes Pro blog emphasizes large featured image


Choose from a right or left sidebar, or full-width page. As with all StudioPress themes, choose a sitewide setting from the Genesis menu, or override the default on any page.

Colors and Background Image

You have complete control over the background, accent, and link colors within the Customizer.

Or, choose a sitewide background image that floats behind your content. (You can override the default on the homepage, of course.)


The theme is set up to display two navigation menus: at the top of the page, just under the header, and just above the footer.

CSS Classes

Wellness Pro also includes two sets of classes. The first allows you to add a large title to the first widget area on the front page, and its color. The second creates two, three, four, or six columns, giving you more layout flexibility within pages and posts.

Who Should Use It?

  • Obviously, this theme lends itself to mouth-watering images of food, so health and wellness businesses are obvious candidates.
  • So are restaurants.
  • Travel sites can show off their destinations.
  • Freelance writers and designers who want to showcase images.
  • Artists and photographers.
  • Family and relationship blogs.
  • Schools.
  • Pet rescue and adoption sites.
  • Performance venues.
  • Any other business that uses images.

Check out Wellness Pro for yourself.