This Free Beginner’s Blueprint Takes the Confusion Out of WordPress

the WordPress Beginner's Blueprint

I totally get it.

You’re a freelancer or solo business owner. You need a website (or maybe you need to update the one you’ve got), but you don’t speak Geek and you just want to get it done.

You know that WordPress can make that website-building-thing a whole lot easier for you, but you’re not sure where to start. Or maybe you’ve bounced around a bunch of “helpful” sites and social media and now you’re more confused than when you started. 

You just want to cut through the clutter, put up a site that will help you grow your business, and get back to the things you’d rather be spending your time on.

Introducing The WordPress Beginner’s Blueprint

The WordPress Beginner’s Blueprint walks you through 8 steps for building your WordPress site. 

It’s simple, straightforward, and easy to follow.

It’s concise, and it’s written in plain English, not Computerese. You don’t need an IT degree to understand it.

Just start with Step 1, then go on to Step 2. . . you get the idea. 

Each step includes links to additional information and gives you a place to store the information you’ll need for later, like your username and password.

Kind Words. . .

“I’ve set up enough WordPress sites to not feel like a beginner, and I still found huge value in The WordPress Beginner’s Blueprint.”
Stacey C.
Your knowledge and expertise in helping me develop my website has been invaluable. My technology skills and confidence have grown a great deal with your help.
Pat W.
Susanna is a great teacher. Her knowledge of building and using websites for professional and personal use is extensive, and she shares her expertise willingly.
Ann M.
Susanna saved me enormous amounts of time and aggravation.
Murray L.

Here’s What The WordPress Beginner’s Blueprint Will Help You With. . .

  • Keeping it simple
  • Breaking down the entire process of putting together a WordPress site into 8 simple steps
  • Providing a place to store the important information you’ll need to keep and refer to in the future
  • Helping you build your WordPress site on a solid foundation

Are you ready to get your WordPress site off to a great start? Simply provide your first name and email address, and click the “grab the blueprint now” button.

You’ll receive a confirmation email, with a link to immediately download the Blueprint.

I’ll send you helpful emails — generally one every other week — with information, tips, and updates on using WordPress.

And by “helpful email,” I don’t mean something like, “oh, look at my latest post and here’s a link.”

No, I actually give my best stuff to my email subscribers first. Recent emails included some new information about site security, changes to themes, updates on plugins, and links to articles on choosing a domain name and adding e-commerce to your WordPress site.

– Susanna Perkins, WordPress Building Blocks

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