Ongoing Maintenance

Let Us Do the Housekeeping!

Making sure your site is up to date makes it

  • Look better
  • Run better
  • More secure

If you don’t want to be responsible for the routine stuff — updating WordPress, plugins, and your theme — I’ll do it for you.

On a regular schedule, I’ll do a complete backup of your database and files. Then I’ll update your plugins and theme.

Whenever WordPress releases a new upgrade, I will do a complete backup and update WordPress for you.

If you want only the one-time update, please select the package based on the number of installed plugins needing updates.

Save Money with a Longer Commitment

Months Price/4 Weeks Pay Now
12 $49

6 $59

1 $79 and Up*


Number of Installed Plugins (Choose 1)

Do you have questions about the monthly maintenance plan? Send me an email