Let Me Help You Move


Does your current WordPress site suffer from inadequate hosting?

If you need to move your site from one host to another, let me do the heavy lifting for you.

Now, just like the cost to move from one house or apartment to another depends on the size of your dwelling and whether you have any heavy items requiring special treatment (grand piano, maybe?), the cost to move your site will also depend on several factors.

To receive an individualized quote, please start by filling out the form below.

That’s one of the MANY things I like about working with you: persistence, attention to detail, desire to make a positive difference.

Wait! That’s three things instead of one…

Well, I can’t put the genie back in the bottle!

SO, please accept my heartfelt thanks for solving the HTTPS issue … and all the other “pesky” ones that led to project successes!!

Rod Harkins